• The Retroriffic Man

    In the year 2072 Washington DC agrees on the annexation of Canada into the greater United States of America. Following a thirteen year period of increasing influence over its northern neighbor that involved the deployment of troops within its border to easily allow troop movement to the Alaskan front. To allow them to safeguard the oil pipelines running through the country. To allow American forces to use Canadian resources for the war effort such as their timber, iron and oil.

    The Americans rapidly burned through Canada's resources as their war with China waged on. Canadians starved. Protests broke out in every major city. From Vancouver to Halifax. But it was in Edmonton that the spark of revolution was lit. When in 2071 a protest was cru…

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  • DB Baxter

    April 18th, 2285

    Boston, Massachusetts, USA

    10:29 P.M.


    Saishu sat in the back of the aircraft, meditating and waiting for their arrival at the Corvega auto plant. It was difficult for him to find his inner peace, with Rick talking loudly and the radio blasting music at full volume. Someone was singing about how the times were changing.

    “Mr. Deere, could you turn that down?” Saishu shouted, keeping his eyes shut. “I am trying to concentrate.”

    “On what?” Rick spat, twisting the radio dial until the loud singing was only a low hum. “Trying to find your chi or some shit?”

    Saishu sighed. “Something like that. Now please-“

    “Well, I’m sorry, but I like to meditate too. And my meditation requires Bob goddamn Dylan and his guitar, So you can take your ch…

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  • Psychomantis108

    I found this in my hard drive, from bloody years ago. I think I wrote this, whilst at University but it's the original prologue for 'Australia' which was my first incarnation of Brothers in Binds. It was going to be a multi part chapter, like Iconoclash or Peace and Future Cannon Fodder but I decided to make it an RP instead.

    So... Behold! The BiB that never was!


    The Mile-High City, Denver, is ironically at its lowest point in recorded history, the city belongs to the dead now and the feral hounds that roam the streets, hunting down and devouring anyone brave or foolish enough to wander them. The vast abundance of wild dogs has made the place inhospitable and though the NCR and Legion have had their eye on it for some time, neither of th…

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  • DapperLord123

    Vault 113, Massachussets, USA

    1:25 AM, October 30th, 2287

    Euan, Serana, Zentre and Skye gathered around Leo, waiting anxiously to hear his plan.

    "So?" Said Euan, "How are we getting out of here?"

    "Simple, really," Leo said, smirking, "We tell the raiders Zentre got Serana pregnant."

    "What the Hell are you on?!" Asked Zentre, shocked.

    "Jet. But that's not the point. These people may be kidnappers and murderers, but I doubt that they'd want to have a pregnant woman woman die." Said Leo.

    "How do we know they'll buy it?" Asked Euan.

    "Face it, Euan," Said Leo, "These guys were stupid enough to lock us up in the same place they keep their medical supplies, chems and food. I'm pretty sure that they'll fall for this."

    "And if they don't?" Asked Serana.


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  • DapperLord123

    Somewhere near Boston, Massachussets, USA

    6:32 PM, October 23rd, 2287

    The past day had been very hectic for Zentre. He had already managed to survive a nuclear holocaust, be held at gunpoint by a chem addict, and get kidnapped by raiders. Only one of those was a posotive, and even that was debatable. He didn't even know how long he'd been in cryo-sleep for. 10 years? 20 years? 200 years? It was hard to tell. It was even harder to tell where the raiders were taking him, Euan and Leo. They'd just been walking for hours. He didn't dare make a run for it. All of the raiders wielded M1 Garands. Occosionally, they would kill some poor, mutated creature, just to prove that they could kill. After ages, they stopped at an abandoned Vault. Painted on …

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  • DB Baxter

    April 16th, 2285

    Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

    1:27 P.M.


    In Memory of Donny “Caretaker” Goodwin. 2205-2278

    This is what the tombstone just a few yards outside of the massive fortress. The man reading it, one Terry Culver, was quite surprised to see this here. Helen Castile had told him that the fortress in front of him was home to a band of Gunners, and they didn’t seem like the kind who would honor their dead.

    “Perhaps this was placed here by the previous owners,” Terry said, adjusting his glasses. On either side of the Salvator Representative were drones, armed with assault rifles. Terry had requested them, knowing that he would stand no chance against an army of mercenaries.

    “Let’s go,” Terry motioned to his drones. “Let’s go find this Ston…

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    So I decided to just post this first into Fallout: Prophecy since it fit well there to give Tanner more backstory, but this story originally belonged here, so I'm posting it for completion.

    Ten years ago, a month after the events of Fallout: New York “World’s Fair”

    Tanner sat on the hill-side, away from their camp.   Traveling west with Clyde, Alexander, and Kriegz was interesting, to say the least.  The ghoul and his sidekick were just heading west in general, but Kriegz was going to break off to head north to Minnesota soon.  Tanner didn’t know what to make of their ragtag bunch.  Most of the time was spent arguing, with Tanner just ducking his head against bickering, and when they weren’t arguing they were making rude comments.

    And then there wa…

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    Little update.  I have a few Fallout blogs I'm going to do coming up.  Firstly, the third part of this one is going to cover exactly why Tanner now hates and is hunting Hades/The Boss.  Then, since I left Aloha Islands, I'm going to do a blog about Randall getting trapped there and escaping-- the time it happens is going to be before Brothers in Binds.  Thirdly, I'm going to a blog series based on the Courier.

    That's all, thanks for reading.

    Spring of 2286, three months before the events of Fallout: Prophecy.

    The two Brotherhood knights looked down at the man in front of them, as if unsure what to do.

    Tanner didn’t know why.  His request had been pretty simple.

    “You’re a Knight from the other Midwest chapter.”  One knight repeated, his voice louder…

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  • Mhazard

    This is my first time visiting the Gravel Pit, and I'm now working on new RP ideas, do you prefer a serious warfare-theme story? A survival challenge? An overseer simulator? A relaxing adventure story? Or a funny, non-standard RP? Feel free to throw in whatever suggestion you want.

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    2279, 3 Years since the Re-opening of the New York World’s Fair and the defeat of Clive.

    Tanner held the small, fluttering piece of paper pinched between two fingers. The wind whipped and tore at the paper, but he held firm. The picture was wrong.

    He’d tried at least two dozen times to draw it right, to reproduce the image that was in his head. Tanner’d give anything for a photograph, but nothing like that had been available to him. He had nothing to remind him of her, nothing to remember her by. So he tried, poorly, to reconstruct her image.

    It was a boy’s face. Inaccurate of course, as he had never seen the child’s face. He drew the features different every time, picturing all the different combinations the child could be.  But it was nothin…

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  • DB Baxter

    April 13th, 2285

    Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

    6:37 P.M.

                The overhead sun beat down fiercely upon the head of Richard Barton as he traversed the Texan landscape. Of all the assignments he had been assigned over the years, he hated the ones that forced him to head down to the former Texas territory.  The heat down here being awful, coupled with the lack of water and giant desert creatures being everywhere, made this place almost unbearable. Not to mention that this town was a short distance away from Houston, which took many hit during the Great War and was thus the reason for no moist ground. And he was a very short distance from the radiation fields.

                Ms. Castile knew that Richard hated going into the southern part of the …

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  • DB Baxter

    April 10th, 2285

    Montpelier, Vermont

    9:57 P.M.


                The Danielson family never really bothered anybody. They were decent folks. Husband and Wife with one daughter who was just under five. They had a plot of land just north of the ruins of Montpelier, former capital of the former Vermont state. There, they ran a farm and made a living off of what they could grow and sell. The Danielson’s made enough crops to survive, and enough caps to get by. Who could ask for more?

                Unfortunately, they grew too well, and their success attracted the attention of a nearby raider camp, half-starved and running low on their patience for weary travelers to come by and fork over their possessions. Desperate times called for desperate measures, an…

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  • The Retroriffic Man

    Malcolm looked out of the window of Callaghan’s car, his eyes followed the upward lines of the tall buildings as they passed by. You usually see this city in the movies or on postcards send by friends on their honeymoon but really; nothing quite prepares you for the real deal, when you’re actually smack in the middle of the urban jungle and you get the true sense for the verticality of the place. 

    The streets somehow all managed to look the same. Especially in the downtown area were the hotel was. It usually went as followed: ‘expensive shop - yellow taxi – greasy hotdog stand’ and exactly in that order too, Malcolm found it sort of uncanny. But soon the pattern was broken when they went up the high speed freeway where fusion cars could gli…

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  • DB Baxter

    Edward Crane sat anxiously at the control board, awaiting the arrival of the General herself. Although her official title was not General (She didn’t have a title at all), it seemed like that title fit her the best.

                He looked down at the screen again, to see what Rick was up to now. The Ghoul, dressed in a dirty and torn military fatigue outfit and long black cargo pants, was still ranting and screaming at the camera, which he had been doing so for the past 25 minutes. His saliva was all over the lens. Crane sighed and pressed down on a button to open up communication. “Mr. Deere, please refrain from putting more saliva on the Camera Lens,” He muttered into the speaker.

                “I will put my saliva all over this goddamn came…

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  • DB Baxter

    Top Secret

    April 7, 2016 by DB Baxter

    March 19th, 2285

    Dear Ms. Castile

    I have assembled a collection of files on the 8 potential mercenaries, as you have requested. After extensive research, this is all of the information that my team and I could find. I hope you find this satisfactory.


    Name: Saishu Ketsueki

    Age: 22

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5’10

    Weight: 180 Ibs

    Race: Japanese

    Hair: Black

    Eye Color: Green

    Areas of Expertise: Infiltration, Swordsmanship

    Last Known Whereabouts: Northeastern United States.

    Notes: Not much to note about him. Hardly ever seen around major settlements, and when he is, documents show he only stays for about 1-2 days. He moves around the country without detection. Shouldn’t be a problem for us to find


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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    The Cause (Part 2)

    February 20, 2016 by SkyrimsShillelagh


    The rail car clicked over the tracks.

    Thunk-thunk.  Thunk-thunk.

    Cable groaned, stirring inside.

    Thunk-thunk.  Thunk-thunk.

    Cable tried to sit up, and two things happened.  One, his head immediately protested in agony.  Secondly, he hit his aching head on the lid of the sealed rail car.  With another pained moan he dropped back down to the cart’s floor.  He tentatively touched his cheek and hissed at the flare of pain it brought.  The bone was broken for sure, and by the puffy soreness beneath his fingers, it was probably swollen to the size of an apple.  He couldn’t see his own hand in front of his face- the cart was pitch black.  It was also cramped, his knees were almost into his chest. 

    Anger replaced pain and fear, and he kicked the lid of the ca…

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  • The Retroriffic Man

    Kent and Malcolm both wore black dinner jackets that evening. An old habit from an age where just about any occasion warranted their use. From Christmas dinners to late night television quiz panel shows.

    Why else would you have one? For that ‘one’ prom night or wedding?

    Malcolm thought on the subject as he played with the fine silver cutlery on the table whilst waiting somewhat anxiously for their meal. He hadn’t eaten anything since he left London this morning so it was probably safe to assume he was positively starving. Why on earth Kent chose this fancy restaurant where it took ages for your food to arrive he didn’t really know, although he could probably guess it was because of the American’s love for excess and showing off. But really, …

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh


    Cable frowned, and stayed prone on his hill top.  He peered through the binoculars, trying to figure out just what exactly he was looking at.

    Your own death is what you’re looking at.

    He thought, realizing he’d zoomed in too far.  When the binoculars refocused, he was staring at a rather sizable radscorpion in the valley below.  It hadn't seemed to notice him yet, but he doubted that would last long.  Couldn't they sniff the air or something?

    His spear lay on the ground next to him, his meager belongings tied to its head, just below the blade.  He reached to his waist and pulled one of his two 10mm pistols free.  The pistol’s sights got caught on the leather and the metal scraped the dirt as he jerked it free.  The scorpion perked up.

    Idiot!  He cu…

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  • The Retroriffic Man

    The plane landed gracefully on the six thousand feet long runway despite the heavy rain. A nice bit of maneuvering of the pilot for sure, which in turn was commended by the passengers whom had started applauding the fact they made it across the Atlantic in one piece.

    “Ladies and gentlemen welcome to John F. Kennedy airport, New York”

    The airport was a marvel of space age architecture. Big, expensive, undeniably American and utterly futuristic in its appearance, the reception looked like a space station from an old 20th century sci-fi flick if it weren’t for the giant windows that let in grimy autumn weather daylight. The terminal where people would arrive from their flights had a huge slightly forward leaning glass wall which looked out over…

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    Part 2

    January, 2030.  Mothership Epsilon.

    Byron gasped for air as warm blood rushed back into his frigid limbs.  This wasn’t a new experience.  Several times the demons, or ‘Epsilonians’ as the creatures called themselves, had unfrozen him and asked him ridiculous questions.  Dressing standards, sometimes to speak lines, sometimes about his own codes of honor.   Over time, Byron began to understand that, as this wasn’t Heaven and he hadn’t been called here by God, that they had captured him at random.  He was fairly resistant to their interrogation.  They refused to treat him with chivalry, even when he demanded it, and thus he was resistant with them.  They’d tried hitting him with things to make him speak, but Byron soon became used to the artifi…

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  • Lazarus Grimm

    So, this will be the first part of a horror inspired blog story series I have been working on for some time. Actually the idea dates back to FO3 what with all the creepy-ass vaults that could be found around there. But with the newly sparked interest of FO4, I have chosen to refresh the idea and give it some more detail and depth... and voila! Here it is! I introduce you to a chilling story of a Brotherhood of Steel mission gone totally awry. A story of paranoia, deception, and a battle against an unseen enemy. Here is The Rot...

    "Any sign of them?" asked Knight Wilkins and peered out over the barren wastes of what used to be the state of Minnesota, now known as the Niflheim.

    "Negative", echoed the static voice of Knight Riddings over the rad…

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    Part 1

    June, 1192.  Mothership Epsilon.

    Byron opened his eyes and, with blurry vision, surveyed the metal ceiling of heaven.  That is where he was.  A blinding flash of light and a removal into the sky?  That was surely a sign that he had departed his mortal body.  But why?  Why did the Lord take him away when he was so clearly still needed?  The Crusade would fall apart without him.  Richard undoubtedly would think him assassinated- Byron had been in his prime.  A mysterious death caused by God himself would not be accepted.

    He was on his back, on a cold, metal surface.  He was in some sort of circular room, with one door way in and out.  He coughed, his lungs gasping for air they had been deprived, and his vision cleared.

    There were little green men st…

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    June, 1192 AD.  The Judean Mountains.

    Byron looked upon Jerusalem.  The large stone walls, the plain flat desert separating him from the holiest city on God’s earth.  He wasn’t sure if it was worth all the fuss.  That very thought was blasphemy, yes, and he certainly should not think it, but he assumed God would agree.  The Lord would not want so much glorious death in his name, no matter how much men with heavy, weighted titles said so.  Not that Byron would ever say so outright.  ‘Twas not his place.

    “Sir Henry.”  A soldier called, approaching the knight from beyond.  Byron grimaced at the use of his formal name, and turned to face the soldier clad in mail.  The man saluted, bringing his arm across his chest quickly.

    “Yes?”  Byron asked tiredly.

    “Your …

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  • Psychomantis108

    Hey everyone!

    I started writing a Fallout story, nearly two years ago now, on (I wanted feedback m'kay?). Anyway, since I can't post the story here (without being labelled as a plagiarist and I can't really switch sites, now that I'm halfway through (that and I'm pretty optimistic that Fallout 4 will bring in some more vocal readers) I'm going to post links to the parts as I complete another chapter.

    This story continues on From Fallout: New York, for those wondering what Hamilton did, once he returned home. :P (Link to chapter 1 for noobs)

    So, after nearly a year, I finally finished part 9! (Latest Chapter)

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