C-01 Power Armor is a set of Power Armor appearing in The Third Interregnum. It was designed by the Mojave Institute of Technology in the year 2287 under the guidance of Director Hongji Liao and Scientist Ruby Yuan. They were designed to outfit Institute personnel in combat and help enforce the Institute's Scientific authority over the wastes. It is equipped with Chinese stealth technology, making it good for ambushes as well as plain assault missions. Each suit of armor comes with an Pipboy 3000 M.I., which is ultimately what controls the non passive functions of the suit.


The C0-1 Armor was developed after a mission to recover materials for T-51b armor materials from the wreckage of the Steel Palace found an excess in Chinese Stealth suits. Seeing an opportunity to finish what China had started Hongji Liao set the Advanced Systems Division to work on an a better improved armor. As the Shi had also begun projects to recreate Robco Pipboys, they were heavily modified and eventually incorporated into the C-01 design.

After they were tested in 2288, the armor became a regular part of Mojave Institute of Technology's operations in the Wastes, use to recover technology now that there was no Brotherhood of Steel to hoard it all for themselves.



  • The armor photos are from Kerboros Gear mod . Credit for the mesh goes to Baelkin, and credit to the retexture goes to Tumbajamba.
  • While it is considered Power Armor for its technological prowess and ability to provide protection against the natural forces, it is lighter than normal power armor. This is because It is designed off of a Chinese stealth suit, which in turn means no training is required to get used to it.

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