Something wicked this way comes...

Eldritch Wastes Cover

When the bombs fell on that fateful day in October 2077, many knew that their worst fears had come to life. Little did they know that they were only halfway right, for it was the lifestyle and the world that came after the Apocalypse where the new terror began. Mutated beasts, lawless men and women killing for sport, dysfunctional robots. The world seemed simple enough; a world of constant danger. But in this world there is more than meets the eye. Shadows move where light should be. And in the depths and darkness of the most forlorn, secluded and forgotten corners of the Wasteland, great and unfathomable evils are waiting, biding their time until the stars are right.

The true horror awaits beyond the Eldritch Wastes...

Eldritch Wastes is the personal canon of Lazarus Grimm.

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