Crazy Ed is the owner of Crazy Ed's gunshop in Denver, Ed is incredibly paranoid to the point that he rarely leaves his shop as he believes that every one of his customers wants to kill him with his own gun and then take over his store. Ed may encounter the Convicts of Project Cook in Brothers in Binds.


Crazy Ed opened his gun store nearly twenty years ago. Anywhere else he would be considered paranoid, due to his inability to trust people to even enter his store. He does all of his dealings behind a bulletproof window and trades through a serving hatch. He even takes his supplies through this method, much to the annoyance of the Caravans and their drivers.

Crazy Ed does little fix up his appearance and instead focusses all of his energies on keeping his little fort well maintained out of fear of Copper Toe or Dog Lord invasion. In all fairness, it actually works as neither faction can outcrazy Ed, so they both buy their guns legally from him... for now.


Crazy Ed is violent, middle aged man with some serious trust issues. He has no friends and rejects female attention (not that he gets much of it). He believes that all women are evil and want to get inside his head and make him their slave.

Rumour has it that Ed suffered a rather traumatic childhood as both of his parents were horrendous people, who had people tortured and killed in front of him. The truth of this is unknown, only one person was brave enough to ask him about this and their brains ended up redecorating his shop.

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"How may I serve you today?"

In spite of his trigger happy demeanor, Ed isn't necessarily a malicious person. His number one goal is survival but he wouldn't do anything to anyone else without reason, he wouldn't draw his gun on someone without thinking that they were going to hurt him in some way, though, of course, he thinks that about everyone.


Ed is set to appear in Brothers in Binds.

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