"My name is Deborah. And my skin fell off.  Don't worry, it does not hurt.  It is completely natural."


Deborah, or ZAX 3.9, is the A.I of Fort Lawton. She is tasked with managing the military base and has done so for over the last two hundred years without pause.


"Hello, fellow humans!  Nice atmosphere we're having, is it not?"

Built by Stanislaus Braun, ZAX 3.9 was taught never to lie to humans and to always obey them. After the Great War, it became self-aware, and developed the individual personality of Deborah: friendly, upbeat, but horrendously lonely. Taking control of the Y-17 trauma harnesses at Fort Lawton, as the base was testing the suits out, she poses, rather unsuccessfully, as human in attempt to make friends. As the body inside the trauma harness has rotted away to a skeleton over the centuries--Deborah does not seem to comprehend people can see through her ruse--people are afraid of it. The A.I has been starved of interaction until the Outsiders arrive and does all in her power to please them, which includes helping them destroy the Brotherhood airship.

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