"I fight every day so that my contractors and their friends and family can sleep safe at night. And as long as there's a threat out there, I'll still be kicking." - Duncan Graham

Duncan Graham is a mercenary-for-hire who specializes in defensive measures, trap-setting, and explosives.


Duncan was born in Vault 38, one of the very few Vaults located in the Wyoming territories. Only 3 weeks after his birth, however, a horde of Raiders stormed the vault and slaughtered almost everyone inside. His parents, Alastair and Martha, managed to escape with their baby in tow and flee to a settlement named Geyser Rock

After a while, Martha suffered a breakdown and tried to kill her husband and baby, blaming them both for the Vault's falling. Alastair was forced to kill her, and had to raise the infant Duncan on his own. For next decade, Alastair cared for his son while teaching him everything he could to help survive the Wasteland. It was also during this time that Duncan picked up his knowledge on explosives, though it was not his father who taught this to him...

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