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Fallout Gravel Pit Wiki is a sister spinoff wiki to the Elder Scrolls Sandbox Wiki, founded by its members.

Create character pages, write stories, create your own imaginary locations, events and factions as well as anything else that your mind can conjure. If you can imagine it and describe it well enough, it can exist. Though we aren't too rule oriented we do stick tightly to the Wikia guidelines. That means no pornographic content or anything that breaks US law.

Did you know...
Vault Boy Did You know 1
  • ...that Tanner tried to befriend a mutated elephant?
  • ...that Denis lost a chunk of his brain.
  • ...that Chris Liam is the mayor of Megaton?
  • ...that Thomas Hamilton is able to regenerate his own tissue by consuming someone else's?
  • ...that the Texas Commonwealth is an Empire built on slavery?
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