Heather Masse is a former slave in Fallout: New York, she was freed by her (Ex Slaver) boyfriend, Garry Sans and began a life on the run, moving further and further north to get away from Paradise Falls.


Little is known about Heather's origins, though she has been a slave for a long time, possibly for the majority or the whole of her life. Heather had the curse of being somewhat appealing to the slavers and not bright enough to defend herself, the only thing that protected her was Thomas Hamilton, who forbade his Slavers from sexually assaulting their charges.

This didn't stop one slaver from molesting her, an act that lead to a harsh punishment as Hamilton caught him in the act and castrated him as punishment and to prevent him from doing it again. This encounter had haunted Heather for a number of years and still disturbs her dreams...

After being forced to kill Anna, Garry Sans sprung Heather, for unknown reasons and fled. He and Heather have developed an intimate relationship of sorts, though Garry insists that they aren't lovers and are merely enjoying one another's company. Heather doesn't seem to feel this way about Garry and honestly sees him as her boyfriend, finding herself to be madly in love with him.


Heather is a pretty emotionally weak person, who isn't too bright either. She often lets Garry make the executive decisions, unless she finds them to be morally apprehensive, in which case she may take charge.

Though she is competent in combat, she is quickly exceeded by those around her who have had actual combat experience. Still, she is quite fast on her feet and proves to be more than capable of handling herself, for the most part.

Heather is quite a kind soul, who likes to help those who need her help, such as Gabriel and Morgan, though her lack of smarts can often lead to her doing more harm than good.


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  • Heather was named after a member of The Wailin' Jennys, another character shared a name with one of this band's musicians in Don Pirata (Nicky Mehta.)