"You'll find there is little I do not know."


Kheiro is the leader of the "Hundred Hands," purpettedly his slave soldiers, according to Praetorian Gracius. A delusional, dangerous killer, hell bent on fufilling a 'prophecy,' as he calls it, he is a recent and powerful threat to the Royal Wasteland.


“Who led you to think I’m hiding?  This mask is for your protection, not mine.”


So far, virtually nothing is known about Kheiro. He leads a group of masked soldiers who do his every bidding without a word and apparently has no quails with killing on a whim. The elder of the Issaquah claims Kheiro has "learned something he should not have learned, touched something he should not have touched." Later, Kheiro confronts William after the man visits the Cause. He infects William with a deadly strain of strep throat, compelling him to complete Kheiro's 'prophecy,' revealed to be the Prophecy of Four, or die. Kheiro also displayed that he knew everything William had been up to the instant he had entered the Royal Wasteland, including William's name. Kheiro used this information to manipulate William, although to what purpose only the Masked Man knows.

After the group's encounter with Praetorian Gracius, and allowing Hades to kill his Frumentarii, Kheiro came upon the scene.  He walked among the Frumentarii corpses and found the dying Gracius.  Gracius threatened Kheiro, stating the man couldn't hide from the Legion, but Kheiro told him that he didn't wear the mask to hide his face.  Gracius then told Kheiro that the Legion would come to the Royal Wasteland soon, but Kheiro was unfazed, and replied by killing Gracius.

Kheiro was responsible for turning on the Emergency Radio Broadcast in Vault 253, which the Outsiders were sent to respond to. When Ward reached the Overseer's office in 253, he spoke to Kheiro through a two-way radio. Kheiro once again demonstrated inside knowledge, knowing as much about Ward as he'd known about William.

Kheiro returns to Vault 253 after the Outsiders have left, and kills Queen Tigris, demonstrating an ability that allows him control people's actions through verbal suggestions. He forces Queen Tigris to sit helpless while he kills her.

Kheiro then headed to the Issaquah Nation after the Outsiders, and threatens the Elder, telling the old Native American that, should he interfere again, Kheiro will have his revenge on the Issaquah.

After the group goes to Mercer Island, Kheiro heads there interrogates the bridge guards to learn more about what the Outsiders have been doing.

Kheiro heads to Fort Lawton while the Outsiders are airbourne in F-16 jets, and watches them from the command center using satellite footage. When Tim and Famian return, Kheiro confronts them, taunting the two Outsiders, before leaving. Tim catches up to him and shoots Kheiro three times, but the Masked Man manages to escape.

The Outsiders encounter Kheiro again in the Undercity, having been masquerading as the enigmatic Director.


"If you think the armies of any mortal man are my concern, then you have mistaken my purpose here."


Kheiro is insane. As someone who ruthlessly kills people because he's convinced it'll make the words he read on the wall of a cave come true, there is no doubting his delusion. Aside from rampant murder, Kheiro also employs manipulation and misdirection. He is able to confuse and trick those who he wishes to use to his own ends. Nothing is too extreme for him. Despite his insanity, which isn't initially obvious as Kheiro is highly intelligent and likely was at one point a functioning member of society, given how he understands everyone else's motives for doing things as opposed to not understanding regular people. His own motives, though, are a mystery. What Kheiro stands to gain from fulfilling his 'prophecy' is anyone's guess, but he is a man who does nothing without purpose.

As demonstrated when he murdered Tigris, Kheiro is capability of using some supernatural ability to compel people to do what he wants. Those under his influence have seemed to lose some manner of control of themselves, and are forced to do whatever it is he asks. Kheiro's ability, however, seems to have limits. He cannot give direct orders, he can only suggest, and those he's compelled can take these suggestions anyway they wish so long as they fulfill what has asked for. It also appears if he compels someone too much it begins to wear on their mind. This is shown when Tigris started to bleed from the nose at the mention of Kheiro, likely the beginning of an aneurysm.


  • "I'm an... inevitability, you could say."


  • His soldiers were called "Triangle-dudes," a name coined by William Van De Poorter, until their true name was revealed.
  • Kheiro wears his mask, a highly advanced piece of technology composed of titanium, for an unknown reason.


Kheiro's Theme02:14

Kheiro's Theme


Kheiro's symbol, which is wore on the uniforms and backpacks of his Hundred-Hands.

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