Lieutenant Kicksyourass, known simply as "LT.", "Liueten", or "Lue", is a self-aware Securitron that desires to bring justice to the wastes.


Complacent as a Securitron Mark I before the Mark II upgrade, Lieutenant Kicksyourass was accidentally disconnected from the Securitron mainframe during the upgrade. Realizing he now could act completely of his own free will, but still with the base desire to stop law-breakers, he set out into the wastes to fight all the criminals he could. Before LT. could get far, he ran into Theodore Bordeaux who convinced Lue to join up with him. Theo's argument was that, since Bordeaux could escort him through human society without anyone asking questions or trying to reprogram him, he'd be able to fight more crime at Theodore's side. Lue submitted to this logic and the two became partners.


  • Lue thinks of itself as male even though it knows it has no sex.
  • 'Lieutenant Kicksyourass' was the toughest name it could think of.
  • Lue is the muscle of his and Theo's team, bringing out his missiles and guns when ever things get violent. For this reason, Theo calls himself the brains of the operation. Lue thinks this is obvious, as since he is a robot himself, he has no brain.
  • Lue preferred having the police face on his monitor instead of the soldier one. For this reason, he keeps his monitor turned off most times.
  • Lue's shiny blue chassis, free of rust, is a result of Theodore's frequent washings and oiling. Theodore is obsessed with neatness and refuses to allow Lue too look poor.



Theodore and Lue

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