Shape Memory Alloy

Magnetically Activated Shape Memory Alloy - (MASMA)


'''MASMA''' is a state-of-the-art pre-war material that brought about the ability to harness nuclear power by using its own paramagnetic properties to harden and remain in a fixed shape in the face of extreme generated power. Any energy that is not used is cycled throughout the MASMA to generate a strong enough magnetic field to cancel out the reaction entirely. The cause of these exact properties is unknown but it's sole discovery led to the fusion revolution that evoled shortly before the war.

Uses Before The War

Mircofusion and Energy Cells

MASMA lines the inside of every microfusion cell produced before the war.  When the fusion is initiated, usually by weapons systems, the MASMA hardens and maintains the cell's shape as enough fusion is undergone to discharge the demanded energy.  This is what allows for microfusion cells to be so small in light of massive power generation.


Although larger generators that run Vaults do not require itself to be made entirely out of MASMA, it does play a key component in the internal housing chamber for the reaction by preventing it from melting down.  In there, it merely plays the role as a surface coating to transfer the generated energy from violent fusion into use.

Armor and Material

Not fully employed for lack of Magnetic Control Modules (MCMs) and the fact that MASMA wasn't cheap to makr. Thus MASMA didn't see its use as a main armor before the war. The complexity of the systems and magnetic activation required to form fit a moving person with varying external conditions was beyond realistic means before the war. It was only used as a form of heat-dissapation material for more energy using devices such as energy weapons but especially rail cannons and guass rifles. As such, cost for guass rifles and rail cannons put them behind on the more available laser and plasma rifles, the rail cannons especially because of the same lack of MCMs for its more complicated rail-projectile delivery systems.

Utilization After The War

The Enclave

The Enclave saw improving upon MASMA and making a suit of armor out of it as a top priority and due in fact that it would give the enclave an master boost.  However, MASMA was improved enough as well as simpler MCMs in their rare Tesla Armor, which allowed for their standard armor to not only have a tesselating field of energy being thrown around it but also MASMA hardening underneath certain hard points.

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