Minerva Aerospace
Important Information
Corporation Type Aerospace Industry
Known For Fat Man

Minerva Aerospace is a post-war industry, known for the production of the M42 Fat Man nuclear catapult.

General Information

The Minerva Aerospace is an aerospace industry which is affiliated with various military corporations. They are well known for developing rocket technology for various companies, this includes the Fat Man series as well as the Experimental MIRV.

The Minerva had its root in the Fort Strong U.S. Army Depot since 2070, and the would-be founder of the company was responsible for the creation of Mini-Nukes and prototype M42 launchers. During the Great War, the company took advantages on warfare as a prominent arms trader, resulting in the founding and upraise of the company.




  • The name M.I.N.E.R.V.A. was derived from the acronym "Military Independent Nuclear Energy Reentry Vehicular Aerospace", as well as the MIRV warhead.
  • The name Minerva is also come from a Roman deity of wisdom and strategic warfare, however, the name was specifically chosen as a metaphor of human's demonic nature and their wisdom on wars, and how they spend every second to plot for someone else's downfall.
  • Minerva Aerospace logo was based on Nagasaki city flag, which makes it ironic that the company used Nagasaki as a test field for the Experimental MIRV ammunition.