Minerva Experimental MIRV
Important Information
Weapon Type M42 Fat Man
Modification Big Boy Chasis
Ammunition Experimental MIRV
Manufacturer Minerva Aerospace

Minerva Experimental MIRV is a prototype M42 Fat Man nuclear catapult weapon.

General Information

The Minerva Experimental MIRV launcher was created by Minerva Aerospace, the developer of Fat Man series launchers as well as Experimental MIRV ammunition.

The chasis of Minerva is the Big Boy Chasis, which splits the ammunition mid-flight. Combined with Experimental MIRV rounds, it splits up to 12 clusters of nuclear rounds mid-flight, delivering a lethal rain of destruction.


  • The name Minerva was derived from the acronym "MIRV".
  • Minerva Experimental MIRV was based on Big Boy MIRV from Fallout 4.