Mr Sunshine is a former dentist who became a mass murderer. This transformation was rather sudden and is somewhat a mystery among the most seasoned psychologist that worked for the NCR. Mr Sunshine is incredibly intelligent and is great at understanding human nature, however, he is incredibly unpredictable and erratic, making him impossible to trust.


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Sunshine was formerly a dentist, who serviced some of the most wealthy members of NCR society as he was incredibly gifted in his work. However, one day a simple cavity filling procedure became a blood bath as went completely insane with his numatic drill and brutally murdered his patient. Sunshine has since adopted this new persona, constantly painting his face yellow and black to resemble a smiley face.


Mr Sunshine is cruel and manipulative and incredibly erratic as he went from place to place. He seemingly has no goals, no desires and his objectives change all of the time on whim. However, when he's feeling charitable, he may prove useful to any cause that he is willing to put himself towards or he may just slap a 'have a happy day' sticker on your forehead and run off cackling or he might just gouge your eyes out.


Mr Sunshine is set to appear in Project Cook.

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