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United States of America

United States of America



United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Flag of France

Republic of France

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

West Germany

Deutsche Demokratische Republik

East Germany



Flag of Ireland

Republic of Ireland

Magyar Népköztársaság

People's Republic of Hungary

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Soviet Union

People's Republic of China

Red China

State of Isreal

State of Isreal

Flag of Australia



  • The United States of America were redrawn in 1969 to allow greater federal power and organisation. The flag now represents 13 commonwealths and the one big star in the middle of the circle stands for the federal government.
  • In the early 1960's there was an actual debate of a few years to change the Canadian flag from its British Commonwealth ensign to something more national. The Red Maple Leaf flag was one of the designs but in this universe the Pearson Pennant was selected to be the national flag.
  • In our universe the Mexican flag was slightly altered in 1968 where the desert flowers don't completely surround the eagle. In this Fallout universe the redesign never happened.
  • The Republic of Ireland's Emblem is donned on the national flag in this universe.
  • The People's Republic of Hungary's Emblem is donned on the national flag in this universe.
  • The bars on the flag of Israel are vertical instead of horizontal in this universe's design.
  • The red ensign flag of Australia has become the national flag of Australia

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