Neil is a Raider in Iconoclash, who is recruited by Thomas Hamilton. He is constantly berated and called 'useless' but is apparently a great hacker and an above average combatant.


Nothing is known of Neil's past, apart from the fact that he has some experience in computer science. This skillset seemed to lead him down a dark path as he is now assisting a small band of raiders, who were apparently down to their last three members. Their leader openly admits that he wouldn't even keep Neil around if it weren't for his skills.

Hamilton also sees value in Neil and recruits him, along with his commrade, Becky. The two of them are held at gun point and are asked to carry dufflebags of gun parts back to Tenpenny Tower.


Iconoclash: Chapter 11 - Opaque

Iconoclash: Chapter 12 - Retribution

Behind the Scenes

Neil was named after one of the author's friends in High School, though they only share their names and their IT skills.