New Ravenna
Important Information
Status Active
Dedication Expanding, Defending its Civilians
Location New Ravenna
Known Members Augustus Drake

New Ravenna is a Post-War Autocracy founded in the year 2290 by Augustus Drake in the city of New Ravenna. Its leader is known as the Imperator, and it takes most of its concepts from Caesar's Legion and books about Rome found in the Lucky 38. It uses caps as its main currency, refusing to take NCR bills or old Legion Denarii.


As New Ravenna was recently founded, its history only goes as far as its founder Augustus Drake. It isn't a splinter group of the Legion, though it would seem that way to any outsider. In truth, it is designed to have civic structure where the Legion did not. It aims for advancing society as societies did before, through strong stepping on the weak.


New Ravenna is, when you boil it down, a raider gang that has created a town for it to squeeze the wealth out of. It doesn't view the town citizens as worthless, but only way they become really valuable in Ravennan eyes is if they join the ranks of the army, become merchants, or apply for government.

The highest one can get in Ravenna society is Consul, of which there are two. There is no real practical use for the Consuls as New Ravenna only holds one settlement, but they are intended to oversee Proconsuls that hold other settlements.

The lowest one can get is the position of Servus, or slave.Slaves have more rights than criminals, but those rights only apply to them while in the capital. As soon as they are bought and taken out of the capital, the master is free to do as they wish.

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