Omar is the leader of a small community in Denver known as "Omar's Place". He is quite a laissez-faire leader, believing in minimalist intervention into people's personal lives but isn't afraid of stepping up if the situation calls for it. Omar may be encountered in Brothers in Binds, at some point.


His family, the Sanchez family, were once big players in the region and also in the country, ranging from movie stars to senators. The house has been in his family's name since before the war and since then, people have been starting to flock towards it due to it's high walls and safe looking environment.

Omar is the fourth generation of Sanchez family members who has ran the manor house and by his time an entire santy town had not only been built in the grounds but had extended beyond it's walls and was now opperating behind a row of wooden pannel junk fences. Omar is quite an involved leader, in terms of giving people what they want but he doesn't get himself involved in people's personal lives unless they ask him to. Different members of the Sanchez family have handled it in different ways, for example, his great grandfather Raymundo Sanchez ruled over the manor with an iron fist, though Omar believes that this was probably necessary, given that this was the early days, after the bombs fell.

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Omar, patrolling his Mansion at night.

Omar's Place has expanded to the point that it is now a rather large, aggricultural powerhouse and is the most prosperous settlement in Denver that isn't ran by Raiders. Omar and his people were initially at threat by the raiders but the attacks stopped rather suddenly after Omar had them captured, brutally murdered and then had their corpses put on display.

Since then, both factions have set up camps nearby, Omar is certain that they are planning to attack him but he has no idea when or how. Now he plays the waiting game, though his trigger finger is getting itchy...


Omar is a friendly, relaxed and good natured person with a sinister aura about him. Even his people see that he wears the mask of a politician and is capable of some truly brutal things. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, at least not according to his people. His people feel secure under his rule, morale is often high due to his charismatic nature and fair rule, his people are incredibly loyal, to the point that they are willing to do a number of things in his name, though Omar knows that this has it's limits, so he plans his moves carefully.


Omar is set to appear in Brothers in Binds.

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