"Jager, all the buttons are confusing me!"

- Gunny, in attempt to mock Jager

Gunnery Officer Owen Adams or referred to by his nickname, "Gunny," is the pilot for Sergeant Major Carter's rocket, the Hermes 72. He appears in Fallout: Final Frontier


Little is known about Gunny's background. Not that he isn't talkative, but because he never speaks much of it. It is known he has a son, a young boy, and that he joined the United States Air Force at a young age.

Adams and Carter have an evidently long history together. They've been on several missions as soldier and pilot have built a working dynamic, were Adams is the more wise-cracking of the two. He pointedly makes jokes he knows Carter will ignore. Adams is a very skilled pilot and is daring to the point of recklessness, but this is part of his skill. He was selected as he is potentially the best pilot the USSA has to offer and thus they want to make sure their HERMES operatives get everywhere safely.


Gunny comes off as affable and friendly, up until one has a conversation with him. He has a fierce wit and will cleverly insult people to his pleasure, pointing out and poking fun at flaws in their appearance, demeanor, and personality. Adams constantly makes jokes even in situations where it is vastly inappropriate. He and Carter have an interesting dynamic- Owen constantly jokes with and sometimes teases the Sergeant Major, who never even reacts to Gunny's humor. However, the pair have an unshakable friendship and have known one another for some time- they would trust each other with their lives. Owen is also the more realistic out of the pair. While Carter is blunt, he has a streak of determination and optimism, and is willing to face the impossible.

He is the only HERMES operative to decorate his armor, having covered it with bumper stickers. He does not carry a firearm when in the field, instead using a Compliance Regulator.


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