Penaswela is a Wastelander from the Commonwealth in 2288, his career as a salvager was cut short after his leg was blown off by Super Mutants. He now resides in Sanctuary Hills, examining whatever salvage is brought in.


Penaswela was born to a group of farmers but wished for a life where he could get away from the bullshit... literally, he never adjusted to the stink of Brahmin dung and so, he left the farm, taking the family dog, Harold, with him as he went on an adventure into the Wasteland.

He did reasonably well in the Commonwealth, until he eventually encountered a group of Super Mutants who were sporting a rocket launcher. Penaswela tried to run towards them, with his rifle but was too slow off the mark, he was hit by the missile and lost his leg in the explosion.

He was saved by passing traders and was brought to a nearby settlement, he eventually found his way up to Sanctuary Hills, where he has since lived as a Salvager.


Masters of War: Chapter 1 - Traveller

Masters of War: Chapter 2 - Heathens
Penaswela fter losing his leg

Peneswela losing his leg

Behind the scenes

  • Penaswela was created by Loz Bowden, as seen in this video he was worked into the story as a background character, revolved around the joke that he got his leg blown off by a supermutant in one of Loz' videos.
  • Loz claims that the name 'Penaswela' is based on the word Peninsula.