Rock is a Nightkin Vanguard of the Master's Army, he served in a squad of eight, who were the first to crawl out of the VATS. Due to the fact that the Nightkin were a new species, the Master wasn't truly aware of their capabilities and thus didn't know what kind of jobs to send them out on, he sent them out on various jobs in order to deduce what would be the best role for them and the rest of Nightkin kind. The group went AWOL, after the destruction of the Master's Cathedral and wandered the Wasteland for the next one hundred or so years.


Before mutation

In his previous life, Rock was a young, timid man with a stutter by the name of Jack. He had long, blonde hair and didn't seem to be special in any meaningful way.

Jack was resurrected, briefly, in Clive's virtul party as Supermutants and Ghouls awoke as their normal selves. Jack had no recollection of being a Nightkin and thus was incredibly confused. When Rock awoke, he had no recollection of being Jack again, not that he cared.

After mutation

Rock's past before becoming a mutant is long since lost to him, not that he cares about any of it, his human self isn't at all connected his current state of existence and he'd like to keep it that way. After crawling out of the VATS, Rock and his team were given their equipment and sent out, into the wastes.

His team partook in a number of missions, most famously the destruction of Necropolis, his team were an effective force, their cooperation and syncronisation as well as the individual power behind each mutant resulted in them being of the Master's Greatest assets. Only one of the initial eight died serving the Master, the rest would find their end at some point or another, after the destruction of the Cathedral.

The Master's Death and the fall of the Unity left Rock and his unit to be stranded, forced to fight, travel and think for themselves, a burden like no other. Unlike most mutants, they refused to be devolve into becoming savages and set up as a mercenary company. It was hard, keeping them all together, especially when they had no purpose and, throughout the years the unit got smaller and smaller until only Rock remained.

Rock eventually found himself in the employ of Professor Richard Dyner, who asked for his assistance as he made his way down to New York City's World Fair.


Rock was left with no purpose and so, he wandered east. He had heard that Supermutants existed on the East Coast. Realising that they lacked purpose or a goal, Rock decided to band them together, in an attempt to create a second unity. He called himself their 'Shephard' and commanded them under that name.

Though Rock's attempt to resurrect the unity ended poorly, he died as all Supermutants and Nightkin wanted to, with a Hammer in his hand.



  • Rock shares his name with a character from Soul Calibur, his name, in the story was taken from a Native American Tribal as a form of irony.

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