Spacesuits are armor or clothing that one can wear in space that will protect them from the harmful environment that is space's vacuum. Power Armor also protects one from the vacuum of space and so do a select few high-grade, full body armors.


USSA Space Suit


A USSA Space Suit



HERMES armor from varying angles. Carter wears a unique, late generation version of this armor

Chinese Space Suit


A Chinese spacesuit. It is an adapted version of Chinese Stealth Armor.

REPCONN Space Suit


Combat Space Suit. Worn by some military personal, but mainly by non-military contractors or civilians. It comes in varying colors.

Soviet Space Suit


A Soviet spacesuit, what a Cosmonaut wears.

Soviet Armor

Soldiers soviet science fiction armored suit 1265x827 wallpaper 25

(From left to right) Soviet Combat Armour, Soviet Armored Spacesuit, Mechanized Infantry Armor. They are worn by various Soviet soldiers of various divisions.


Alien Space Suit


An Alien in an Alien Spacesuit. Normally, a glass dome-like helm would be affixed to the raised collar.

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