Squanto is a junkyard dog, found in Denver in 2285. He encounters the companionship after he arrives at the Blessed Sacrament Catholic School and is adopted by Harriot. He clearly has a previous owner as his collar suggests, though it isn't known who owned him and for what purpose.


Little is known about Squanto, little can also be deduced. He is quite well groomed and is a pure breed dog, a rarity in Denver. He is also named and has some form of identification. Whether or not he wanders the streets of the city of his own accord or whether he is on some sort of mission remains unclear.

Despite the effort gone into keeping him presentable, Squanto does sport a number of battle scars and isn't exactly perfect like a scavengers dog or any of the incarnations of Dogmeat.


Squanto isn't afraid of expressing himself, whether he barks happily or whines in response to pain or some other unpleasant sensation.

He is incredibly loyal to those he follows, going as far as to put himself into harm's way for them.

Behind the scenes

Squanto is a native American name, the dog shares the name with a historical native American figure, who assisted the pilgrims when they were surviving the land. There are a number of similarities between Squanto and his Native American counterpart.

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