Terry is a Protectron, who serves his Creator and Master, Naomi Eastwood in 2288. He was initially a bipedal armless, robotic pack brahmin, who was created to accompany Naomi as she wanders aimlessly around the Commonwealth. Though he still mostly exists as a pack brahmin, he now moves on a thruster and wields two gattling guns that he has instead of arms as well as having tentacle-like arms hanging from his thruster, that have buzzsaws attatched to them.



Terry MK I

At long last a combination of General Atomics, Robco, the Mechanist and the Institute's technologies come together to create the ultimate Pack Brahmin. Naomi created Terry with the intention of making him as strong backed as possible, even going as far as to removing his arms and covering him in pouches and bags. His faceplate was a human skull, to deter people from stealing from his bags as he has no effective means of defence. His helmet is also spiked, allowing him to give a mean headbutt. Naomi also programmed his voice to simply beep, not wishing to speak to anyone during her travels.

Terry MK 2

Terry MK II

She also inserted some experimental institute technology, that disperses thousands of nanomachines, which are able to heal surrounding allies. Terry also emits small bolts of electricity from his legs and has the means to headbutt any foes that get too close.

Terry is a loyal follower of Naomi, he follows her wherever she goes and won't hesitate to defend her. He is never deterred, no matter how many times he is shot, whacked, knocked down to the ground or worse, down elevator shafts.


Terry received several upgrades over the next two years, after his creation. He was upgraded to be a guard of Sanctuary Hills as 'Terry MK II,' not long after he was upgraded to Mark III and gven a thruster and was finally upgraded to Mark IV.


Fallout 4

Behind the Scenes

  • Terry's original design was originally based on Michonne's pet zombies from The Walking Dead, which is why he has the skull plate for a face. He was originally going to have arms but it increases carrying capacity if you leave them off and thus he was left 'armless.' Terry was named after one of the pet zombies, who were named 'Mike' and 'Terry.'