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State Street 3-0

State Street, looking north in Second City

The Crossroads, also known as "the gateway to the West" (and East) or "Illinois Wasteland" (by ghouls mostly) was a wasteland in the old Midwest of the United States of America.

The old pre-war city of Chicago, now called Second City lies to the North and is the main hub where traders and caravans stop before facing the wastes of the East and West. People from all over the wastes find themselves here, sometimes literally at the 'crossroads of their lives'. Wishing to forget or find a life at the other end of the former nation.

In General

Due to its northern position and nuclear winter the former Midwest suffers from long cold winters, causing not that many people to actually stay indefinitely.

The Midwest also has its own branch of the Brotherhood of Steel whom lost contact with the original order in California and have adapted accordingly to their new frontier homeland.

More to be added later...

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