The Prophecy of Four is an allegedly ancient Issaquah writing that tells of the coming of four unique individuals to the Seattle, and that they will accomplish certain feats while there. Despite supposedly being created a hundreds of years before the book was written, the prophecy references The Wizard of Oz. It was discovered and possibly altered by Kheiro, the only person alive to have seen where the prophecy was originally written, and then promptly destroyed the physical copy. Another curiosity is that the prophecy was, again supposedly, created before Seattle was even founded.


Four men come to the Emerald City,

One made of tin, a warrior with no heart,

One made of straw, a scarecrow with no mind,

One made up in lion’s skin, a coward with no spine,

And one a horse, a color different than the rest,

Four men come to the Emerald City,

To right the past wrongs and the cutting of hope,

To protect those of a just cause,

To rightly set themselves above kings,

And to broker power among gods,

Four men come to the Emerald City,

And there four will lay.

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