Theodore Bordeaux is a former member of the White Glove Society.


Theodore mingled among high society as any member of the White Glove Society does. He was very content with his life, until the time Mortimer served human flesh to the White Glove Society. Theodore was one of the few who were appalled with this, and refused to accept it. However, instead of leaving the Society on principle, he challenged one of the cannibals to a duel, and lost his eye in it. Although he came out on top in the duel, he still left the Society, unable to cope with a number of things. He set out to wonder the world, wanting to see the sights while he still had one eye left.

As he left the Strip, he met a Securitron also leaving. The robot had been disconnected from the server during the Mark II upgrade, and thus had become self-aware. Still having the runtimes and motivations of a robo-cop though, he was determined to bring justice to the wastes. Theodore convinced the Securitron, which had started calling itself "Lieutenant Kicksyourass," to join him, as Theo had need of a bodyguard and wanted some interesting company as well.

The two set off for to explore the world, getting into all kinds of trouble along the way.


  • Theodore's hair is naturally ashen colored. He is only in his thirties, but has the hair of an older man, which he likes as it makes him look more dignified.
  • Theo is a master duelist and an excellent speaker. He also has skills in decorating, presentation, and acting. However, a lot of these are not practical in the wasteland, or in combat, so he usually leaves a lot of the heavy lifting to LT., instead calling himself the brains of the operation. LT. is not insulted by this as robots do not have brains.
  • Theodore left the White Glove Society hours before Josey Wales murdered it's members and wiped out the family. Years later, he still has no idea that the Society has been destroyed.

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