Thomas Reathe is a human scavenger in Toronto, and appears in Fallout:Snowfall.


Born in Washington D.C.within the small town of Megaton, Thomas was no stranger to the unforgiving nature of the nuclear wasteland.

His father was a mercenary, while his mother he never met due to birth complications, so he was unfortunately raised by his father who happened to not be too good at parenting, letting his son have some loose freedom, which resulted in a number of close calls with Raiders in his work alongside the town's main merchant- she sent him around the wasteland for some questionable projects.

Finally, after a slow decline in relationship with his father and the acquisition of equipment, Tom abandoned his home and set out to see what was out there.

Having travelled since the age of 17 over the north-east of America's wastelands, Tom found himself a somewhat experienced scavenger and explorer in this post-war world. He was mostly ignored by the factions fighting for power, but his experience of gathering supplies was something valuable for Foxhound, who needed more food in the field for their troops.

Still, he stayed relatively safe when he arrived in Toronto, making money from helping out caravans and selling things he could make or find. He never ventured far from the western side of the city, and certainly couldn't manage a journey across any of the swamps alone.

Currently, he's in a stalemate for survival as he makes just enough caps to buy ammunition for his rifle, living off his cooking in an apartment near Bramalea. However, he recently came across Lily Mehta, a nomadic singer in the city who decided to join him (though he has no particular interest in developing a romantic relationship with her).


Though he certainly has no malicious intent to most people, Thomas finds himself at odds whether or not to help many down on their luck- he approaches situations based on whether or not he can survive or use his resources to help, and often conservation of caps or supplies comes before the survival of others.

Having very little interaction with others and not much discipline, the man also speaks his mind on things and tends to apply his pragmatism to his conversations. This leads to usually uninteresting exchanges, to say the least.


Skilled at shooting, Tom carries a hunting rifle, and usually his clothing serves little protection. A variety of pouches or pockets carry his medical items and ammunition. If he needs to, he'll use his trusty knife to fight back, though he doesn't have much talent at using it.

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