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    Alright you chem addled degenerates, I'm only going to say this once!

    You are one of many lucky convicts, hand picked by General Chalmers from various correctional facilities. You are one of many sentenced to death or likely to face a long prison sentence that you couldn't possibly out live. You and many others are being given a choice, a chance to start anew in the NCR's lates project...

    Project Cook.


    The mission? To establish a settlement in Denver and to create sustainability and gain territory for the NCR as it grows. The NCR will provide you with building materials to ensure that the fence is secure, weapons, ammunition, first aid boxes, surgical equipment, ingredients to make various chems, flare guns, riot gear and enough food to last a week.

    You are expected to expand on your stockpile, to find essential items and more importantly to find sources of these sustainable items. How you do this is up to you, you will not be in NCR territory and you are not representing the NCR, fifth freedom with everybody but know that you should only be outside your walls during the day, the dogs seem a little more active at night for some reason as are the Dog Lords...

    Denver map

    You will be sharing the territory with the two warring factions in the region, the first is the afformentioned Dog Lords. When Caesar's Legion tore through the legion, they beat the Hangdog Tribe to submission and assimilated them into their ranks. Those who chose not to follow the example of their bretherin or were rejected by Caesar's Legion formed a splinter group. These barbarians are little more than savages, who, when they aren't too busy fucking their dogs or close relatives, are constantly roaming the streets, looking for supplies, stray dogs to recruit and people to murder and feed to their dogs. It is highly recommended that you avoid these crazies, whenever you can and that you also avoid their enemies, The Copper Toes.

    The Copper Toes are a bunch of upstarts from up north, their leader, Casmir, fancies himself a prodigy and has brainwashed his people into seeing him as some sort of Demigod. They to patrol their territory and seek to expand it, the size of which spans over the entire north west and most of the west in general. These whackjobs are typically better equipped and more civilized than the Dog Lords, though contact with them is still highly ill advised. Reports state that they prey on those they deem easy targets and won't hesitate to kill you and if they arrange to meet you, I'd be even more afraid, chances are you'll be walking into a trap.

    Finally we have the smallest, yet most civilized faction of all. Omar Sanchez is a Baron of sorts, who runs the settlement known as 'Omar's Place,' the ruin of an old Pre-War manor house owned by Omar's ancestors. Words is that they survived by building a bomb shelter underground, which, given how rich these guys were, is probably not just a rumour. Omar might be your best bet, if you're looking for allies. Just don't piss him off.

    You might also want to look into the local Vaults, from what we've heard, there are at least three of them in the region and Vault Dwellers have been sighted around the local area, whether or not they are friendly is uncertain, apparently they have some weird cult going on in one of them and a lot of Vault Dwellers often wind up coocoo. Consider yourselves warned...

    Now, I know what you're thinking, what's to stop you from bolting as soon as we let you off the leash? What's the stop you from killing eachother? Well, I'll answer that right here and now...


    Road to Denver

    You are being given full control over this operation, though know that the region of Denver is even more treacherous than you shitbags. Chances are, you'd end up dog food after a day, even if you stole a vehicle. Also, keep in mind who's surrounding you. You people have all done something to deserve this, you're all killers, thugs, thieves and I doubt that any of you would stay alive for long if you tried to kill someone else. There are no laws, besides the ones that you set yourselves but know that you can only make it through this together. In numbers there is strength and this isn't going to be some... prison exercise. No warden is going to save your asses if you get into a fight you can't handle. You are not representative of the NCR, your citizenship has been revoked. You will not be receiving anything from us.

    You people are well and truly on your own, for the first time in your lives, the fittest will survive! You have no future but the one that you are willing to build by putting aside any petty differences and working together!

    If you're still reading this then I'm assuming that you're interested, if you would be so good as to fill out the following details, we can put you in our 'maybe' pile. If you can't write or read very well, then don't worry your pretty little head about it, anyone can get killed afterall, so just do your best.

    You and your fellow convicts are all S.P.E.C.I.A.L in some way or another. Please assign 35 numbers to each skill...

    40 skill points to be assigned








    You and your fellow convicts will bring various skills to the table, granted that not everyone is good at everything but everyone is good at something. We have come to the conclusion that everyone will be good at 3 skills (these are your tagged skills.)

    Bare in mind that you may face challenges in all areas and you will face all sorts of challenges as a group or an individual as you go. So keep that in mind as you make your decision.

    For information on the selection of skills, click here.

    There are also a number of optional traits that you have picked up over the years, please tick where appropriate. You can have up to two traits, any more than that and people might start umming an erring as to whether or not you can actually go.

    Remember: ALL TRAITS ARE FINAL! Click here to learn about traits.

    Please keep the following rules in mind, whilst filling out your application.

    1. You can assign up to two friends to go with you on this mission. (Dogs and robots have their own slot, you can have one or the other or both if you don't have any other human, ghoul or super mutant characters)

    2. Take this mission seriously, if you're bored then tough shit! You ain't doing enough if you find yourself bored and anyone being disruptive or stupid will be handed to the dogs personally.

    3. Lethal force will not be tolerated towards your fellow inmates, taking the life of another into your own hands will probably backfire, you have been warned! (Basically; if you try to kill off another person's character or maim them, you'll probably find something bad happening to your character instead.)

    4. You are NOT, I repeat NOT a hero. I've heard it all before, I don't care how much Jet you did this morning, you ain't the Vault Dweller, Chosen One, Lone Wanderer, Courier, Sole Survivor or any of those amazing people. They're clearly in better places!

    5. You cannot be no over powered super being! I don't care who you are or who you're blowing, them's the rules son.

    6. No 'everything' proof shields or I'll test your everything proof shield with a bicycle chain to the teeth!

    7. This mission will begin in the year 2285 and will last throughout that year! Just in case any of you dope heads forgot what day it is...

    8. You can be from any region in the United States, just have a good reason for standing in my shadow!

    9. We will allow Humans, Ghouls or Super Mutants. I've heard that there are supposedly human replica robots known as 'synths' that come from the east coast. There aren't any out here and even if there were, they wouldn't be allowed to join this mission!
    You can also have a slot for a dog or a robot.

    10. The people of the Wasteland are not your puppets, you have no control over them or it's non-human inhabitants.

    11. If you find yourself waffling on and need music for dramatic effect, us () to state that you're adding a song, so I know when to go to sleep.

    12. You can have flashbacks... I gues... Unless you have arangements with another inmate, you cannot interract with another inmate in your flash back. (You can with NPCs not shown so far in the story, I'll need to know if you plan on your character having a history with a featured NPC from this RP.)

    13. You can also write dream sequences: in a dream most rules don't apply but only because it's all in your lazy ass head! It has no bearing on your mission or the world around you. Anything that happens in the dream stays in the dream and therefore dreams should only be kept to one or two entry logs.

    14. Do not forget to fill in your application form, I swear to jebus, if I find ANY errors in there, factual or otherwise I will give you a sx change with the key to the supply closet!

    15. Do not hijack the mission with your own mission, go somewhere else to do that shit!

    16. You fall behind, you stay behind. You leave? You ain't coming back. Nut up or shut up!

    17. So that joining late isn't an advantage, late comers will be dropped in by vertibird.

    Character Card







    Skills (3 tagged skill points. Write which three skills you want tagged, click here for the list of available skills.):

    (Optional) Traits (You can have a maximum of 2, click here for the list of available traits.)

    Backstory (Entries marked 'TBA' will be used to wipe my ass!):

    Advice notes

    Looking for sources of resources may give you an unlimited supply but you may find yourself running out of time and coming back with nothing. Be careful when making such decisions.

    Tune into Hound Dog Radio for news and updates about what's going on in the local region!

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