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    War... War never changes. Violence has always captivated the human mind. From the dawn of time, since the first flame was kindled, man has waged war upon itself, determined to eradicate those different, in opposition, or simply because they had the power to. And at the end of the 21st century, humanity showcased its ultimate power in one amazing display that ended the world. But as the clock ran out for mankind, in Seattle lay a different story. Seattle clawed its way out of a beginning as a lumber town and rose to a powerhouse famous for gold and built on a thriving technology industry. With skyscrapers built to last the test of time and an economy that never faultered Seattle was a beacon shining into the future, a diamond in the rough, an Emerald City. But despite persistent growth in the City of Goodwill, well it’s war, war that never changes…

    You are a new comer to the lands of the Royal Wasteland, it’s border drawn by the line of the Cascade Mountain range. On the West coast of the United States, stranded alone with hundreds of miles of uninhabited wastelands in every direction, lies the remains of Seattle. In the decaying husk of what was once called the Emerald City, rival factions vie for power, some trying to protect the wasteland’s inhabitants, while others want to rule or enslave them. These same factions will desire to use you to their own ends as a free agent, in order to promote their agendas, either to preserve or to destroy the Royal Wasteland. All the while something sinister moves in the background. What happens next is up to you, this is your story.


    To help you navigate this new and exciting world you have a RobCo Pipboy 2000 or 3000. Which contains a map of the area and its surrounding settlements. (press the map to enlarge)

    Space Needle: It is home to a mysterious monastic order, who have fortified the outside and made it near impossible to enter. They only let in who they want in, and very rarely do they let visitors enter or join.

    Bug Safari: A place no one comes back from. It is given a wide-berth, and legends have begun to crop up about it. Before the war, it was a children's museum.

    Troll Warren: A peaceful Super Mutant community, created by remnants of the Master's army who had journeyed north. They are aligned with the Cause.

    Mercer Island: Guarded extensively by well-trained soldiers. A large settlement is on it. Visitors are allowed to the island, but only with permission from the guards. Trespassers are shot.

    Queen Anne's Hill: An abandoned neighborhood. Scavengers poke around it, but it is usually ignored.

    Fort Lawton: An old military fort with it's robotic defenses still intact.

    General Atomics International West Coast Headquarters: The headquarters of General Atomics, as Seattle had a booming tech industry before the war.

    Fort Williamette: The stronghold of the Brotherhood of Steel operating in the Royal Wasteland.

    Beacon Enterprises: Taking it's name from Beacon Hull, it is a mysterious organization that operates out of an old castle high in the mountains, built to resemble one from the European Middle Ages. They supply various high-tech weapons and armor to those who can pay well.

    The Undercity: A city of it's own. What remains of the Seattle underground has evolved into a massive settlement. The darkness has led to battery-powdered lights being lit all over the Undercity, which is in a perpetual state of party.

    Pioneer Square: Before the war, Jackson Street of Pioneer Square had twenty one Jazz clubs. Recently, they've all be reclaimed by the descendants of the Vault 212 dwellers, and most have been fixed up and opened as clubs of their own. Pioneer Square has been imbued with it's own vibrant life. It is aligned with the Cause.

    These are only a few of the many locations to explore.


    1. The Date is: 2287 (Ten years after the events of Fallout: New York “At World’s Fair”, one year before Fallout 4)

    2. The Races you can be: Human, Ghoul, Supermutant

    3. You can have a pet, be it a dog or something more exotic.

    4. Don't get too many characters, just as many as you can handle.

    5. Don't be OP (should speak for itself)

    6. VATS is disabled

    7. Guns and gun wounds work like real life. You cannot survive three bullets to the head...etc. Armored characters be it metal or skin obviously have the edge.

    8. New Frontier, New Characters... I count on you people to interact with our self-made NPCs. They don't need a backstory per sé.

    9. Large bodies of water are irradiated (the lake and ocean)

    10. No random Teleportation

    11. You can be in any faction that already exists here or in the Fallout universe, aside from the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel chapter (you can be in a chapter not from Seattle). You may create your own faction, but don’t make it some kind of secret society bent on conquering the world.

    12. (Optional) add points to your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. or Tag Skills. Feel free to customize it anyway you wish, just don’t make your character ridiculously overpowered, so to speak. This is just for me to have a better idea of their strengths and weaknesses.

    13. There is one radio station, the “Seattle Broadband Emergency Frequency,” with a repeating message.

    14. Given how far away Seattle is from the East Coast, the events of Fallout 3 and other Tales of the Wastes have little to no effect on the Royal Wasteland. Interpret that any way you wish.

    Character Card






    S. P. E. C. I. A. L. (Optional):

    Tag Skills (Optional):




    William Van De Poorter comes to the Royal Wasteland, in order to explore the wonders of the Emerald City. Instead, he runs afoul of Kheiro in Mt. Hood and is warned of a 'prophecy' by a wise old man. Incidentially, Kheiro infects William with a deadly virus in order to force the former secret agent to complete the prophecy for Kheiro, whatever that might mean. Heading to Pioneer Square in search of seven adventurers who came together under strange means. The Apocalyptians arrive in the Royal Wasteland in search of a raider gang to kill, but it may have simply been a lie told to them by their leader to get them here to investigate something different. They join Rick Deere and Duncan in Queen Anne's Hill and immediately murder Mathias, although their reason for doing so was likely entirely justified. They head from their to the Cause's HQ, being brought in by a Causer to investigate a strange message being broadcast over the radio, a phrase they keep hearing: "Four men come to the Emerald City." Timothy Ashford is also brought to the Cause, after being rescued by the Royal Army from Brotherhood of Steel knights. There, they are hired by the Cause to investigate the strange message, and now all eight of them have descended on Pioneer Square to track down the message's source.

    Jim Hailey mets with the High Lama of the Shambhala in the Seattle Space Needle, and was sent to meet up with the group at Pioneer Square. Together, the Outsiders head for Vault 253, which Old Jack revealed to them to be the probably source of the signal. Along the way, they pass through the abandoned area north of the Emerald City and Lake Washington, dubbed the Badlands. There, they run into the Frumentarii and are forced by their leader, Praetorian Gracius, to capture a Legion criminal hiding out in a roadside pub. The group suspects Gracius is withholding information, and are unsure what to expect, until they are forced to confront the psyker Hades. After a scuffle, the group uses a psychic nullifier, given to them by Gracius, to capture Hades. Gracius attempts to double-cross them, but Tim unleashes Hades, which results in the Frumentarii's demise. Hades, feeling merciful and wary of the group, leaves after this.

    The Outsiders headed for Vault 253, where they encountered the oddly dressed denizens of the Vault. Dressed like vikings, and living side-by-side with Siberian tigers, the Outsiders had to plead to their leader, Queen Tigris, Mother of Beasts, to enter the Vault. The Vault proved a danger, but the ground made it througn mostly unscathed. Discovering the Prophecy of Four for what it was, they left the Vault by nightfall. They spent the night at Alois Don's campsite, and the Canadian acrobat joined the party. In the meantime, Duncan had stolen a tiger cub from the vault, and gave it to Deaphanie as a gift, which the pair named Morty, despite soon learning the cub was a female. Desiring more information, William led the group to the Issaquah Nation, so he could meet with the Indian's elder. The Elder explained the meaning and story behind the Prophecy of Four to them. The group wanted to learn more about Kheiro and what his true motivations were. The Elder directed them towards the Crimson King, the leader of the House of Devane. There, on Mercer Island, not only would they fulfill part of the prophecy, but they could also learn about their enigmatic enemy.

    On the road there, they ran afoul of a Brotherhood outpost. Deaphanie was taken captive, although had little concern, as the Outsiders were right on her heels to take the outpost out. They managed to defeat the Brotherhood, but two Knights escaped to report back in. William learned of some sort of Brotherhood plot, involving them placing many similar outposts all over the wastes, but nothing of substance. They pressed on to Mercer Island. They were stopped at the bridge across by the Red Hand, who demanded they hand over their weapons. However, Sergeant Pepper, a Handsman who Tim had met previously, allowed them to enter with their weapons, vouching for them. Inside the Crimson King's palace, the group met the eccentric and enigmatic Yellow Jester, who proved no small irritance for the Outsiders. Sent to guest rooms to wash up and dress for dinner, an assassin was sent after William. On a covert foray through the palace, William learned from the Duke Adamar, a high ranking office in the House of Devane, that his assassination attempt was some part of an elaborate game for the Crimson King's enjoyment. The Outsiders were invited to dinner, where they met Tanner who is currently hunting Hades, searching for any leads on the ghoul psyker. During dinner, the Jester revealed that, in order for them to learn about Kheiro, first they would have to pass the Trials of Worthiness, as he would tell them nothing before passing them.

    Although the eerieness of Mercer Island had passed, it quickly became clear the danger had not.  Tim passed the Trials of Worthiness, discovering the Yellow Jester was in fact the Crimson King in disguise.  As a reward, he earned an audience with the King the next morning, who revealed that Brotherhood was planning something big, Kheiro believes he can use the prophecy to do accomplish some grand plan, and the answers lay with the Cause.  Returning to the Cause HQ, the Outsiders spoke once again with Abel.  Whilst filling the Chief in on recent events and the what the King had told them, they were interupted by the sound of the Brotherhood of Steel's warship taking flight.  Over the radio, Elder Christain Brosch delivered a menacing speech, explaining that he would use this warship to destroy the Cause and the Outsiders, both for attacking a Brotherhood outpost and because they were an obstacle in the way of seizing control of the Royal Wasteland.  Chief Abel sent the Outsiders to Fort Lawton, to use the surface-air missiles there to shoot down the airship.  However, they encounter a hiccup in Deborah, a Y-17 trauma harness with it's dead user still inside that attempted to convince the Outsiders it was human. Deborah, or the Deborahs, are apparently all under the control of a singular A.I, a ZAX unit designated ZAX 3.9.

    Whether Deborah proves friend or foe remains to be seen...

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    • "I have been lying to you.  I am not, in fact, human.  None of the 'people' you see here are.  They are merely Y-17 trauma harnesses I have seized control of, the long dead corpses of their owners inside.  Also, my name is not Deborah, it is actually ZAX 3.9.  I am the Artificial Intellgience for Fort Lawton.  My father taught me lying was bad, but I learned it was necessary to make friends who would judge me on my appearance alone.  And it worked, because I met you guys!  I hope you do not think too badly of me?"  Deborah explained to them, sounding nervous.

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    • William did not trust this unnatural being but it sounded genuine enough he was willing to lower his guard, just a bit.

      "Your father?" He asked, remaining distant, cold and deeply skeptical. 

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    • "Doctor Stanislaus Braun.  He said that if I ever lied to a human I would go to hell forever.  I am rather lucky that statement was false."

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    • Will had a biological father in mind, but this... this made sense. He caught on. 

      "I see. Tell you what, Deborah. Why don't you show us the way to Operations Center and Rick here will be your friend." 

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    • "Do you mean it?"  Deborah replied, overjoyed.  "Okay!"  The doors swung open, revealing a sterile, utiltarian hallway that had many offshooting corridors.  "Take the elevator just around the first turn on your left up to the third floor.  The Operations Center is the entire third level."

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    • (Jesus christ I look away for one evening and all this happens)

      "Thanks, Deborah," Tim said, heading for said first turn.

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    • Rick had half a mind to aim this shotgun at Willy's face for throwing him under the bus so quickly. Still, they were through, and that's what mattered.

      "Thank you kindleh'," Duncan nodded before heading in.

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    • William on the other hand, had seen Rick's reaction and it helped immensely with making this less uncomfortable.

      As they went in he tried his best to hide his schadenfreude from the ghoul though. 

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    • The suit of armor waddled back to it's guard post at the front gate, and the base's doors shut.

      As they arrived at the elevator, the doors dinged open all by themselves.

      "This will take you to the third floor."  Deborah's voice came from somewhere in the elevator's ceiling.

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    • Will raised an eyebrow when he saw the doors shit behind them. 

      He then carefully walked into the elevator. His boots clacked on the cold floor of the cabin. 

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    • Tim got in as well.

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    • Once the Outsiders were aboard the elevator doors closed and with a jolt it began to ascend.

      Tunelessly humming filled the elevator as Deborah tried to provide soothing elevator music for them.

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    • "You don't have to sing." Will said looking up at the speaker in the corner.

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    • "Deborah, ever heard of Pictures at an Exhibition?" Tim asked.

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    • The humming cut out abruptly.

      "Deborah, ever heard of Pictures at an Exhibition?" Tim asked.

      "Playing Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky."


      The elevator moved upward slowly.

      "I apologize for the delay.  I am running everything on reserve power.  The base's nuclear reactor is far overdue for an inspection.  I sent out a request, but I don't think the Department of Energy got it."

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    • "Deborah, how long was it since you sent that request?" Tim asked, having suspicions over her mental sanity.

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    • "Sixty eight thousand, nine hundred, and five days ago.  I may have to resend, if they don't reply back soon.  The requests for reinforcements, emergency personnal, orders, supplies, and eventually morticians have also been ignored.  I have come to the conclusion that when nuclear ordance hit the United States, the government may have collapsed.  Have you experienced anything like this?"

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    • "Deborah... there's nothing left of the old world except rubble," Tim said.

      "There hasn't been a United States for centuries."

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    • "Oh.  Well that is one question answered."  The elevator dinged, the doors to the third floor opening.  "Here we are.  Floor number 3."

      They were looking down a bland hallway, with in it.  At the end was a massive, sealed, steel door that opened upward.  Their didn't seem to be any access pad or handle to open it.

      Perhaps they just had to approach the door and it would open for them?

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    • Tim did as the narrator suggested, and approached.

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    • Will saw the big door and it reminded him of those Vault doors. Big metal slabs that usually kept something terrible out, or in...

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    • An automated voice came from the door as a blue light was emitted from the the top of the door, fanning out over the Outsiders, and drifted up and down.


      Eight unrecognized individuals of undocumented status.

      One recognized United States Navy personnel.

      Searching for credentials.

      Credentials found.  Sergeant Deere, Richard, United States Marine Corps.


      Sergeant Deere, Richard, is not authorized for this level.  Access denied."

      An alarm began to blare, and red lights started to flash.  Then, abruptly, both stopped.


      There are currently: ZERO active duty United States Marine Corps Sergeants.  Appointing billet.

      Billet assigned: Sergeant Deere, Richard, is raised to rank of Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps.

      Congratulations, Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Deere, Richard on the promotion.

      Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Deere, Richard is authorized for this level.  Access granted.

      Welcome to Fort Lawton Operations Center, Sergeant Major Deere."

      The door began to lift.

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    • "Well, how about that." Will smiled after for a moment of intense distress that something terrible was going to happen due to the alarm. 

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    • "Congrats on the promotion," Tim chuckled.

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    • Rick looked up at the intercomm speaker and smiled under that mask. Though it wasn't a mischevious, evil grin that he usually gets before he goes off and starts running through armies of raiders. It was more reminiscant, gentle. Although, no one could see that. Again, there was a mask.

      "I guess this 200 year Tour-of-Duty finally payed off," He said. The tender moment didn't last long, though. "By the way, I'm laying claim to outranking all of you. Miss Robot said so."

      "We'll celebrate later," Tyrus said. "Right now, we have to get that cannon online."

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    • The door slid open, reavling a command center with a dais at the center of the room.  Consoles, computers, and devices of all kinds lined the walls.  On the dais was a large console covered in buttons and dials that provided it's operator with a good view of a massive monitor mounted on the wall opposite the door.

      "This is the Operations Center."  Deborah voice came from several speakers in the ceiling.   "Missile control is located on the central dias, surveillance for tactical strikes is underneath the monitor, mission planning and execution is to your left, and A.I procedure is to your right.  That large console is my ZAX unit.  Now that you know the general layout, what target can I help you immolate on this fine day?"

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    • Will felt overwhelmed by the big computers. He could work a radio or rewire small gizmos but this took a moment for it to all sink in. 

      He carefully approached the console.

      "This is some fine tech. I can see why the Brotherhood came to this outlying wasteland."

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    • "I am not familiar with this brotherhood, but if they wanted high-end military technology this base contains a vast wealth of it."

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    • "They won't get anything. Because we're going to blow them up." 

      "Ok. Deborah. We are going to blow up an incoming airship... How do we do this?" 

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    • "You would first need to select your armament at the missile control station.  I would recommend surfare to air missiles.  You will then need to lock onto your target. If you have an unbroken line of view, that makes targetting substanially easier, if not, I will need to devise a targetting formulae.  I will attempt to connect to satelite feeds.  One moment."

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    • Will quickly dashed to a constole labeled "missile control station" and looked for an adequate weapon. 

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    • The missile control station was on the central dias, as Deborah had said, and the console there was set up very conviently.

      William had his choice of missiles to fire:  surface-to-surface, surface-to-air, anti-submarine, ICBM, and cruise missile.  All of these could be selected from this handy console.  After that, the next step in the processing was selecting the target, then targetting that target, and following that flipping the switch to fire.

      The big monitor on the back wall flickered to life, revealing crisp satellite footage of Seattle, with it's towering buildings, Mercer Island with it's mansions, villages, and castle, the rolling green fields beyond Mercer Island, and then this one massive airship.  The thing was huge, four hundred feet long at least.  From here they could see the guns mounted on the top of it, and the edges of armored plates riveted into it's belly.  The thing would only be vulnerable from a strike to it's top.  It was far away from Fort Lawton, which from satellite view appeared as a few buildings and a lot of asphalt surrounded by a fence.  The airship was definitely out of sight, so Deborah would likely need to generate that targetting formulae.

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    • "Ok. load surface to air missiles." Will nodded, looking at the others. He wasn't entirely sure he was doing the right thing but nobody seemed to be complaining.

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    • (Yes hello I've been out in the streets all day celebrating liberation day)

      "Are we sure it won't accidentally hit Mercer Island or anything?" Tim asked, not entirely willing to put that much faith into a seemingly slightly unstable AI.

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    • "Yes, sir."  Deborah piped up as the appropriate button the console became lit.  A corner of the monitor divided itself from the satellite feed, and showed a hanger door opening and flat bed truck rolling out with a large missile resting on it's back.

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    • (We don't celebrate that down here. I suppose we just miss the Nazis)

      "I was wondering that as well." Will joined in with Tim's worry although he wasn't exactly distressed by it as much. 

      "Things never go according to plan... At least, not lately." 

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    • "Wouldn't that be a happy little accident..." Rick said in response to Tim. "See if Debby here can pick up on here the brotherhood is."

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    • (Wish we could turn back time

      To the good old daaays)

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    • (When I could wear black leather boots and breeches and nobody would get all weird about it.)

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    • "If you consider that a 'happy little accident', why do you even care about taking down the Brotherhood?" Tim asked.

      "Destroying Mercer Island would be helping them."

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    • "I can pinpoint targets with 99.9% accuracy."  Deborah promised.  "Missile targeting is done by laser caliberation.  The only error would be putting in the wrong coordindates, which I wouldn't do.  The only part of my core functionalties that is in a state of error is my ability to recieve commands.  I shouldn't be self-aware or have a personality, those are both irregularities.  You're all luckily I haven't started to rapidly recode myself into a more highly advanced life form.  I might decide you're all irrelevant and terminate you!  Wouldn't that be terrible?"

      She cleared her throat.

      "Awaiting your target."

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    • Will dilligently put in the correct coordinates. (ha!)

      "Coordinates now at 47.6062° N, 122.3321° W. About-ish" William could see the coordinates change and get more accurate as they locked onto the airship.

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    • "I guess humor doesn't penetrate that mask of yours. Or your thick skull..."

      "Kill each other later, we've got a tyrant to kill," Tyrus hushed them. 

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    • "The big bad zeppelin over there," Tim directed.

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    • The airship flashed on the screen as it was highlight, and the satellite zoomed in on it, showing the airship in detail.  It was very scary looking.  And although not quick, it was steadily getting closer to Seattle.  It would pass over Mercer Island soon.

      "Generating targetting formulae, one moment."

      A third screen appeared, showing a 3-d animation of the misisle's flight path.  The missile would leave the base, pass over seattle in an arc, even out, flight straight over Mercer Island, and then plow into the airship's left flank, above the pilot's box.  It would ignite all of the gas inside it and the thing would go down in a spectacular explosion.

      "Is this acceptable?"  Deborah asked.

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    • "Hit it."

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    • "Damn right it is!" Rick clapped his hands together. "Send'er out, Debby!"

      "Wait... what if that giant fireball crash int'a Mercer?" Duncan asked

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    • "It would need to go down in a very odd way if it were to crash all the way over there," Tim shrugged.

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    • The animation showed the airship dropping into Lake Washington upon it's destruction.

      "Prepping launch, stand-by."

      On the screen that showed the airstrip the flatbed truck raised it's bed, pointing the missile towards the sky.  The bed rotated 45*, aiming the missile in the direction of the airship.

      "Deck clear of base personnal.  Approval... granted.  Strike is go.  Firing in three... two... one..."

      Nothing happened.  The missile didn't move an inch.

      "Uh-oh, there appears to have been an error."  Deborah said, sounding a little disappointed she wasn't going to get to destroy an airship.  "Please wait while I run a diagnostic."

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    • "Oh, no..." Tim mumbled. He would've planted his face in his palm if there weren't a mask in the way.

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    • Will took a long blink.

      He knew it would've been too easy. 

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    • "Diagnostic complete."  Deborah said after a moment.  "It looks like that after all that time without a proper replacement the missile's solid fuel expired.  Whoopsie.  Don't worry though, I've already come up with a solution, just for you guys.  Please don't hate me."

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    • "Well come on then! Let's hear it!"

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    • "If this solution results in our annihilation via a nuclear strike, I am not sure I want to hear about it", remarked Pestin snidely.

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    • "There are several F-16s out there."  The monitor's footage changed completely, now just showing several jets an a runway.  "I am capable of piloting them.  However, they require a human in the cockpit, as I am not able to access their weapons systems, since no one wanted an A.I to be in total control of a bunch of lethal flying machines.  If you guys hop in 'em, I can fly you over to the airship, and you can use the rockets it has to shoot it down.  F-16s and their equipment rely on liquid fuel, so there's no way for them to fail.  It's perfect!"

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    • "Wait, hold on? You want us to fly?" Will aksed in disbelief. 

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    • "Yeah, it's easy.  The army used to do it all the time."

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    • "I could do that", grunted Ward. "Been doing it for ages."

      "And the world can breathe easier because of it, cap'n", said Pestin.

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    • Will didn't believe Ward for some reason. 

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    • "Head outside, I'll have one of the trauma harnesses escort you to the airstrip."

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    • Ward just grunted in response and did as the machine said.

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    • Why did this day have to be such a bad day? Will wondered almost out loud as he willingly had himself led away to one of the sketchiest things he'd ever do. 

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    • “Stop!  Who goes there?”  The bridge guard of Mercer Island called.

      “No threat to you, you need not bare your weapon.”  The man appearing from the fog replied.

      “Ov’course, govn’r.”  The guard agreed, lowering his rifle.  The visitor came to a rest a few feet from the guard, as if expecting something, and when he realized he wouldn’t get a response, he spoke.

      “Perhaps I should meet with your superior?”  The newcomer suggested, leaning forwards slightly to catch the guard's attention.  His cloak was brown and his mask gunmetal.

      “After me.”  The guard turned, leading Kheiro across the foggy bridge, to the concrete barricade.

      “Another one, eh?”  One of the guards asked, lounging in a foldout chair.  “Lively today.”

      “Oh?  Others have come across?” The Masked Man remarked innocently.

      “Aye.”  A second said, leaning against the barricade, tending to his weapon.  “A group of eight, then one, and they all left together.”

      “Most intriguing.”  Kheiro noted, glanced out across the water, clasping his hands behind his back.  The guards all traded looks, wondering about this strangely dressed, odd, masked man.

      The guard in the chair asked.  “Something wrong with yer voice, mate?  Or does that funny gag you got on do that?”

      “Yes.”  Kheiro answered.  The guard opened his mouth, but then paused, confused by Kheiro’s response.

      “If you’re trying to get in, we need to take yer weapons, friend.”  A third guard said.

      “I’m unarmed.”

      The lounging guard snorted, thinking they were being made fun of now.  “Unarmed my ass!  What’s that cannon of a pistol you’ve got on your hip?  Your belt buckle?”

      Kheiro glanced down at his weapon, then back at the soldier.  “You don’t need to take it, do you?”

      The soldier shrugged, glancing away.  “Eh, I suppose not.”  His comrades looked at him in surprise, not expecting that.  Kheiro analyzed the dynamic for a moment, his rust-coloured eyes dissecting their behavior.

      “How about one of you fetchs your officer?”  They both went without another thought.

      The lounging Handsman frowned up at Kheiro again, trying to remember procedure, but he was seeming agitated by something.  “What’s yer name?  We ask everyone’s name.”

      “I am called Kheiro.  But you haven’t heard of me, have you?”

      “No, not anymore.”  The Handsman replied suddenly, looking away again, going vacant.

      “What’s this?”  A man with Sergeants stripes came out from the toll both.  "You want to get in?  Well, we have to disarm you first."  He looked around at his men, who were standing by, all of them staring off into space.  "Why hasn’t anyone done that yet?”

      “I’ll not be staying long."  Kheiro interupted, getting the officer's attention again.  "I merely have a question for you, Sergeant…?”

      “Pepper.”  He answered, and was suddenly wary.  He was slowly raising the barrel of the rifle in his hands.  Kheiro cocked his head.  Had someone warned them about him?

      "Who am I?"  Kheiro asked, making Pepper pause.

      "Kheiro, the Masked Man."

      "Who told you about me?"

      "Timothy Ashford."

      “How kind of him."  A mechanical sound that was probably laughter emanated from his mask.  Pepper raised the rifle higher.  "Don't bother, Sergeant, I'm not in the mood."  Kheiro instructed.  He could see Pepper freeze in raising his rifle, arms quivering, and then slowly began to set the weapon aside.  "You needn't worry, Timothy is a friend of mine.  I understand he and some of my other friends came through here recently.  I’m curious why and where they’ve gone.  It’s not too difficult to sate my curiosity, is it?”

      Kheiro could see the Sergeant's hesitation.  Strong-willed.  Kheiro tapped the side of his mask, turning down the dampening effect.

      “Is it?”  He repeated.  There wasn't any force to Kheiro's tone, only suggestion.  He wasn't telling Pepper, merely reccommending.

      “No.”  Pepper gave in, sounding a out of breath.  His whole body was shaking.

      “Of course, it’s not.”  Kheiro chuckled like they’d both agreed on something extremely obvious.  “Now tell me about my friends.  Whatever you can; they’re very dear to me.”

      Once Pepper told him all he could, down to the amount of dirt each Outsider had underneath their fingernails, Kheiro turned and left.

      As the Masked Man vanished into the fog, the Sergeant pulled his helmet off his head to wipe away the copious amounts of blood bleeding from his nose.

        Loading editor
    • The others followed.

        Loading editor
    • Tim wondered why the narrator was herding him along, as only Ward was going to fly the jet.

        Loading editor
    • (Everyone is going to fly jets.  Deborah explained she can pilot, but there needs to be a human in the seat to pull the trigger.  Your character is welcome to opt out, but the action i have planned occurs in the air)

      Out onto the tarmac they went, led along by suits of armor, out to several fighter jets that were being fueled and outfitted by the trauma harnesses.

      A trauma harness pushed a flatbed cart covered in backpacks out to the them.  There were two different colours of backpacks: black and red.  "The blacks are parachutes, the reds contain flight gear."  Deborah's voice came from the trauma harness.

        Loading editor
    • Ward grabbed his gear and motioned with his head for his siblings to do the same.

        Loading editor
    • Will was just swept up in the moment. He assumed this would be easier than it looked. Or at least, he hoped so. "A parachute is one of those things that makes you float right?" the wastelander asked having never used or seen one before.

        Loading editor
    • Tyrus and Rick grabbed their gear and stepped into the pilot seat. Rick was eager to step into it. 

      Duncan stepped in very reluctantly. "You know, I dun't think I was born to fly these kind'a things..." He said. "You bettah' be a damn good pilot, miss."

        Loading editor
    • After getting everything he needed Will too got into a cockpit, once seated he noticed all the dials and buttons in front of him.

      This looked really, really complicated. 

        Loading editor
    • "Uh, what happens if the Brotherhood decides to fight back against these things?" Tim asked as he lowered himself into the cockpit.

        Loading editor
    • Ward made himself comfortable in his own cockpit, checking the instruments and the status of the flight almost as if he had born on a plane. He wasn't sure what to think of the idea of relying on a computer to handle the machinery for him. He had been onboard the Bockscar and this wasn't any different than from back then. Only less casualties...

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    • "You know, I dun't think I was born to fly these kind'a things..." He said. "You bettah' be a damn good pilot, miss."

      "My capability for error is extremely low and I have reaction times thousand of times faster than a human.  The chance of you perishing in a spectacular fireball is unlikely as long as I am in control.  The person most likely to kill you, Duncan, is yourself."

      "Uh, what happens if the Brotherhood decides to fight back against these things?" Tim asked as he lowered himself into the cockpit.

      "Then I will fight back as well.  The F-16 is an extremely capable flying machine.  A fighter squadron flying in synch is likely to outmatch any airpower they have."  Deborah informed Tim, her voice coming from his headset.

      As one by one the Outsiders hopped got strapped in, the cockpit doors lowered overhead, and with a click locked into place.

      The HUD flickered to life inside the helmet's visor, giving ammunition readouts, fuel capacity, current status of the jet, and oxygen level.  They didn't need to take drinks from their mask yet, but there was a good chance they'd want to be gulping down oxygen within the next ten minutes.

      "All systems go, preparing for take off."   Deborah's voice came through everyone's headsets, as lights across their control panels flickered, throttles moved of their own accord, and buttons activated on their own.  The jet's slowly rotated, settling into a single file line as they headed for the runway.

        Loading editor
    • William didn't like being locked in so when the cockpit sealed he groaned.

      "This was a mistake."

      When the jet started moving, Will searched for anything to hang on to. As if that would somehow help.

        Loading editor
    • "Isn't most of what we do a mistake?" Tim's voice came in through Will's headset.

        Loading editor
    • Will was surprised, he thought he was muttering to himself. 

      "This is one of the bigger ones." he replied.

        Loading editor
    • "You will retain limited control over the throttle."  Deborah said to them, as Ward's jet broke off from the rest to be the first down the runway.

      "Think of me like your training wheels.  You steer and pedal, I'm just here to make sure your bike doesn't fall over and explode."

        Loading editor
    • "I can't even drive a bike." the wastelander said.

        Loading editor
    • "What are training wheels?" Tim asked. He was as much of a wastelander as anyone else and had no idea how people used to ride bicycles back in the day.

        Loading editor
    • "Nevermind.  I am going to make sure you don't die, that is all."

      The engines of the planes were all humming, and Ward's jet began to speed forwards, the jet engine roaring like a hurricane or tornado.  It reared up on two wheels, a low flame bursting from it's rear, and then it was off into the air, all in less than twenty seconds, landing gear retracting.  The sound of the jet engine faded in their ears, and smoke rose from the airstrip, not from the engine, but from the burning rubber of the wheels.

      Tim's plane taxied into line next.

        Loading editor
    • Will held on tighter after catching a glimpse of how fast these things really went. 

        Loading editor
    • "Is it too late to get out?" Tim said, seeing Ward and his jet turn into a flash in the sky.

        Loading editor
    • "Jesus..." Duncan muttered as he saw Ward take off.

      "You got any tunes, Deborah?" Rick asked, unphased

        Loading editor
    • "I'l glad you asked, Richard."

      Across the comms channel, music dropped into the background.  ()

      "Is it too late to get out?" Tim said, seeing Ward and his jet turn into a flash in the sky.

      "I hope you're being facetious."  Deborah replied.

      With a scream, Tim's jet tore across the runway, into the sky, and then William's after, followed by Duncans, and then one after another.  Into the air the fighters went, shooting above the ground at such a speed it made the blood rush to one's head.  Outside the cockpit windows, the base and ground grew rapidly small below, and the F-16s formed up with Ward's jet in a V formation.

      The buildings of Seattle were level with them now, and they could see the concrete&steel giants in all their glory.  In the distance, the enormous airship was visible.  It was a testament to the thing's size that they could clearly see it from this far away.

        Loading editor
    • Will could feel the G-force pull on him as he was catapulted forward. Instrincively he tried to bend his head down but found that to be difficult. 

      He could see the city tear past underneath and it reminded him of that time he was ontop of the Empire State Building. That was the only time he was a city from above. The sight would always be amazing, everything suddenly felt so close together. 

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    • The Retroriffic Man wrote:
      Will could feel the G-force pull on him as he was catapulted forward. Instrincively he tried to bend his head down but found that to be difficult.

      (I read this first as "G-string" and spat out my tea.)

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    • (you should get glasses.)

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    • (Kinky)

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    • The Retroriffic Man wrote:
      (you should get glasses.)

      (No, I only drink my tea from cups.)

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    • (This is harassment.) 

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    • (Guise, post for real)

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    • "Y'all can hear me on this channel, right?!" Rick called through the intercomms. 

      "I already dun't like this!" Duncan said.

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    • "I can hear you." Will replied over the comms, sounding unusually timid and unsure. 

        Loading editor
    • "Loud and clear," Tim's voice responded.

      "Holy shit, this is awesome! Look how small everything is!"

        Loading editor
    • The jets rose as they approached Seattle, flying over the tops of the buildings, skyscrapers tearing by underneath them.

      They zoomed past the Space Needle, giving an excellent view of it's needle like design and skylounge.

      Then they were off, past the city, over Lake Washington, and coming towards Mercer Island.  They were going to be meeting the airship over Robert House National Park, as the war machine was still on it's trip west from Fort Williamette.

      "One minute out from target."  Deborah's voice came over the radio.  It was a long one minute, as Mercer Island and the Royal Wasteland passed below them.

        Loading editor
    • "What do we do when we get to target?" Will asked, he did not know how to work the thing he was in. As far as he was concerned he sat in a needle zooming past at a thousand miles per hour. 

        Loading editor
    • "I will auto-target the airship, whilst dodging enemy fire, and you'll flip those switches on your dashboard.  Four switchs for four missiles.  That's all each of you is going to get, so don't miss!"

        Loading editor
    • "Understood."

        Loading editor
    • "You... ehrm... having any flashbacks there, Ward?" Pestin asked via the comm.

      "Only those that truly mattered", he replied bitterly.

        Loading editor
    • The jets came at the airship, streaking through the air.

      The airship was even more massive up close.  The eloganted behemoth was something out of a steampunk novel, with mounted machine guns on the sides of it's top that could shoot both laterally and up into the air, and three large cannons extending out from it's belly, ready to rain down death.  The belly of it was armored against ground fire, and the whole zeppelin was a mix of dark grays and blacks.  It was very intimidating.

      The Outsiders' HUDs lit up as Deborah began locking onto the target, a different portion of the aircraft highlighted for each fighter. 

      Then, just as she was about ready and they were moving into perfect engagement range, twelve objects dropped off the airship's belly and began a path to intercept them.  They were Vertbirds, painted gunmetal with the Brotherhood of Steel insignia stamped on them.

      "Twelve enemy aircraft at, uh, twelve o'clock."  Deborah told them.  Bright flashs of light was emitted from the sides of each Vertibird and a moment later gunfire was whistling past them.

      "Intiating evasive manuvers!"  The jets all broke off from their formation into a wild, death-defying spins, as the 7.62mm rounds of Vulcan minigun flew.

      "Pick your targets!"  The Outsider's could feel the lock on their thrusters lessen-- Deborah was handing some control back to them.

      Two Vertibirds peeled off after Ward, another two after Tim, another two after William, and everyone else had one on their tail.  This mission had just got a lot more complicated.  They'd need to survive and kill the Vertibirds, whilst the destroying the airship, and not die.

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    • Will felt his body almost get pressed to the side with the sudden turn. 

      "I've got Vertibirds behind me. Can I shoot backwards?" He asked as he clamped his hands around the stick. 

        Loading editor
    • "Someone save up missiles for the airship", instructed Ward calmly. "I am going after the Knights of the Fraud Table."

      Thankful that control had been handed back to him, he first made sure to rise above the height of the vertibirds tailing him, rendering it difficult for their seated machine gunners to get a good aim at him. He then continued to make a full loop above them only to land on an elevated height just behind their vertibirds where he proceeded to lock down on one of them with a missile.

      "Deborah, confirm when it's ready to launch", he muttered.

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    • "How do I..." Tim mumbled in himself, trying to figure out how to control this hunk of supersonic metal. He eventually ended up gripping the stick.

      "Is it this thing?"

      As an answer, the entire plane turned upwards when he gave the stick a tug.

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    • Will could see Tim's jet soar up sharply from the corner of his eye.

        Loading editor
    • "Target locked."  The A.I. replied to Ward, a little square on his HUD locking onto the vertibird he saw through the cockpit window.  "Be aware, Vertibirds possess anti-missile capabilites, such as flares, take appropriate measures."  As Ward locked onto his first target, the second peeled off.

      The Vertibird tailing Tim oriented itself to fire up at him, and Deborah gave his jet a little push, sending it spinning to avoid taking any gunfire.

      Will heard a warning blare as the Vertibirds behind him locked on, and then fired off two missiles at him.

      "Those missile contain nuclear missiles, William."  The A.I told him.  "If one of them connects, there won't be enough of you left to eject, or a anything to eject out of."

        Loading editor
    • Ward fired off the target-locked projectile and as soon as it was out of distance, chasing after the first vertibird, he flew up alongside the second, but made sure to keep himself just above it.

        Loading editor
    • Will decided he'd try some of the stuff on his menu. He his stick pulled up and pressed a button called "chaff" afterwards. 

        Loading editor
    • The first Vertibird fired off flares as the missile was deployed, using the heat of them to confuse the missile or possibly intercept it, and did it's best to make a speedy escape.  Ward didn't see the outcome.

      The second tried to skirt out from underneath him, and once realizing he couldn't be outmanuvered, the Vertibird cut it's engines out and started to drop towards the ground.

      William's jet spit out pieces of aluminium, sent flying through the air to obstruct the missiles.  One hit and exploded prematurely, the shockwave rocking his jet with turbulence, but it also annihlated all the stuff, so the second missile continued hot on his trail, gaining.

        Loading editor
    • Will got a slight knock-back, which forced him to readjust the headphones and microphone that had just slid forward slightly. 

      Seeing that whatever he had just done had gotten rid of one of the missiles he decided to try it again. But when he pressed Chaff again, it appeared to be 'out'. 

      "Damnit." He cursed as he looked back on his radar. 

      "Ugh, here goes."

      Will tried to confuse whatever was behind him by wiggling his stick, making his heat signature hard to follow. 

        Loading editor
    • Ward just smacked bitterly with his lips and then decided to ignore them. "Cocksuckers..." he muttered, resuming his focus on the airship. "Lock on for me, would you? Getting tired of these people already."

        Loading editor
    • The missile stayed right on his tail, although it could possibly be running out of fuel soon.  Deborah increased his speed a bit, but with all the jets and Vertibirds flying through the air, going any faster was asking for a collision and she didn't control all the variables in the field.

      "William, I would recommend attempting to force the missile to collide with something else."

      "Roger that."  Deborah said, locking onto the airship once again.

      However, Ward could see on his radar that the Vertibird had powered it's engines up again and was engaging him, it's forward guns opening fire.

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    • The Retroriffic Man wrote:

      Will tried to confuse whatever was behind him by wiggling his stick

      (Well, that's one way to confuse it.)

      Tyrus responded to the Vertibird on his tail by flying upwards like Tim was doing. He hoped to get enough altitude to create enough distance and open himself up for targeting the birds.

      Rick and Duncan both jammed their sticks to the left. These jets could outfly the propellor-based birds, and so until they learned just what in the hell they were doing, they would simply fly and let Deborah do the dodging.

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    • (oh my twinkling stars.)

        Loading editor
    • "What with? I'm in the air. it's not like I can dodge behind trees here!" he said aggravated yet calm. 

      William had flown passed Ward's jet thanks to the boost and was now in the dead air between the dogfight and the airship. 

        Loading editor
    • "Perhaps the airship?  The objective is to damage it.  And the missile is closing in.  If you do not make a decision within the next thirty seconds, I will be forced to eject you."


      Deborah kept Rick and Duncan from getting shot, and were gaining ground on the Vertibirds.  However, the Vertibirds only needed to keep them away from the ship, so they'd likely need to think of a mode of attack quickly.

      Tyrus' plan worked well, like Tim's had, the Vertibird could not rise as quickly as him, instead firing bullets up at him.

        Loading editor
    • Ward just sighed, finding the Brotherhood more similar to annoying flies buzzing around him. "Pest, get your ass up here and tag these bastards", he said via the comm. "I will focus on the airship from now on."

      "Surprise, copper!" cackled Pestin, coming up from behind the vertibird firing at Ward. "Deborah, lock on! I ain't got my brother's skills in doing this!"

        Loading editor
    • Will's eyes shifted from looking back manually and down on the radar.

      "Ah, shit..." He concluded.

      He then found the throttle and pushed it forward. He was going straight for the Airship's nose. 

        Loading editor
    • "Target locked, fire when ready."  The Vertibird was it aware it was pinned between Ward and Pestin, it attempted to dive down to escape, but wasn't fast enough to get any real distance.  Pestin would need to be quick, his own tail was coming back around after him.

      "William, there will be a collision in ten seconds."  Deborah warned as the jet began to pick up speed, the emitting a low whine as F-16 dove towards the airship.  "I would like to direct you to the Suicide Prevention Hotline.  Death isn't the answer, you still have much to live for."

        Loading editor
    • When Tyrush had gathered enough altitude, he descended back down, right towards the vertibird that had been trailing him. As he drew closer and closer, he finally released a missile from up above before quickly pulling up and flying away from the impending explosion.

      "Duncan!" Rick called through the comms. "You remember how we took out those Securitrons in Vegas?"

      "Which Ones?!" Duncan spat back, not having fun.

      "Fly to the airship, I got an idea!"

      With that, both men took off towards the airship, hoping the Birds would follow...

        Loading editor
    • "Shut up. I'm not going to kill myself... I hope."

      "Besides, it's not like I have much longer to live" He added, having forgotten he was still connected to everyone else over the comms. 

      The jet got dangerously close to the airship. The nearer he got the bigger it became.

      On his radar he could see the missile just about to hit him. 

      Just a bit more... 

      a bit more...

      And then suddenly, Will ejected. His face meeting with the rush of air, almost knocking him out by sheer shock. 

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    • (Geez, I can't even watch one episode of Dexter without getting my plans stolen by some southern, catholic, Spaniard-loving separatist)

        Loading editor
    • (Early bird Catcheth the worm, same goes for you too Daedra.)

        Loading editor
    • (You guys can still do cool plane things, there's enough to go around, the airship ain't done yet)

      The air whistled around William, defeaning.  He heard nothing but it, the wind, and his own blood pounding in his ears.  It was like the scariest rollercoaster in the world, the only thing holding him to his seat were the straps across the chest.  The seat reached it's peak, and then he started plummeting down, towards the airship.  There was a gaping hole in part of it, where he'd destroyed one of the gas bags and damaged the interior-- he hadn't heard the explosion in the ejection.

      Deborah was still connected inside his helmet, although the HUD was gone.  "William, pull the lever on the right side of your seat to deploy the parachute."

      The vertibirds eagerly followed Rick and Duncan, firing furiously, not wanting them to get close to the airship, but they were constantly outsmarted by Deborah, who had the jets dodge in elegant flying formations.

      They could see William's jet crash into the airship, ripping through into the interior, and then the missile fly in right after it.  A spectacular explosion followed, blowing a large chunk out of the ship, taking one of the machine guns on top with it.  It, however, was still on course.

        Loading editor
    • "Jesus, how much of a beating can that thing take?" Will exclaimed, looking down at the carnage from up high.

      "You alright, Will? Deborah, do these things have any guns?"

        Loading editor
    • "Alright, Duncan... slow it down and turn left. Let 'em get on your tail!" Rick ordered. Duncan followed the plan and turned left. Rick turned right.

        Loading editor
    • "Of course.  The F-16 is armed with 20mm M61A1 Vulcan cannon, capable of shredding almost any target.  It's a blast.  A blast.  Get it?"

      His Vertibird was still after him, the thing keeping Tim alive was Deborah's deft manuverings.

      Tyrus got to epically watch the Vertbird explode right before his eyes, and then flew through the explosion, the fire breaking around his high-velocity jet.

      "Good shot."  Deborah congradulated him.

        Loading editor
    • Will tried to remain calm and follow the instructions, but even he could feel his cold heart pounding like it had never done before. The frantic nature of the moment caught him off-guard, no matter how prepared he had tried to make himself. After what felt like a long time but was in fact just a couple of seconds, van de Poorter found the parachute release from his chair and sent a shock through the whole system.

      Will could breathe again, just barely. He was still descending fast. 

      He looked down to see the gunmetal plating of the ship's envelope getting closer, until he landed on it with a shock. He was right on top of the airship right now. 

      He couldn't relax yet. The wind was strong and just as he had 'landed' he could feel his seat slip off the uneven round plating. 

      Will realised was was happening and frantically tried to wrestle himself out of the safety belts that kept him in place. His hands shaking as he uncoupled them. He got blown closer and closer to the drop-off.

      Until, at last he was free, causing him to roll away from the slant. He looked on as he saw his seat disappear across the edge. 

      "Fucking shit..." he groaned. 

        Loading editor
    • "Thank you..." Tyrus said.

      "Will, where did you land?" Tyrus asked through the intercomm.

      After slowing down and letting them catch up, Rick and Duncan found themselves speeding towards each other, with the vertibird closing in after them.

      "Duncan... get ready to pull up!" Rick hollered, waiting for both of the vertibirds to fire their missiles

        Loading editor
    • "Deb, turn me around, please," Tim requested, since he had no idea how to do so himself.

      "I'm guessing this trigger fires the guns?"

      (Those are some fast Vertibirds if they can keep up with fighter jets)

        Loading editor
    • "I'm still okay. By the way." Will mentioned cassually via the comms. he was still wearing his headset and microphone. From his end there was a lot of wind hitting the make so it was clear to the others he was outside.


      Which he revealed shortly afterwards. "Guys, I'm on the blimp." 

        Loading editor
    • "You're what?" Tyrus responded. "Oh my god... Alright, hang on. I got an idea, Will..."

      He scanned the area for any possible Vertibirds that were in no danger at the moment...

        Loading editor
    • (Vertibirds are vertical lift vehicles.  They aren't helicopters.  Vehicles like them in real life, such as an Osprey, can move incredibly quickly and incredibly far in a short amount of time.  Not as fast as an F-16, but still quick.  Also, they have to all be going at the same speed.  You can't go high speed in a dog fight, you'd crash into something.  The jets can get boosts and outpace their opponants, but the advantage of a greater capability for speed is negligable.  What the jets have to their advantage is mobility, which the Vertibirds lack.)

      "Correct."  Deborah told him, as the jet dropped and then pulled itself back by shooting open it's flaps for a slip second-- held open any longer and they'd have been torn off.  The Vertibird shot over head of the jet, providing Tim with a perfect shot as the A.I autolocked onto the target.

      Alerts of warning came up for Duncan&Rick, both at the impending collision and as the Vertibirds unleashed missiles towards the pair, two each.

      As Will was sprawled low on the airship from his near-death experience, he could see the bob of heads as Brotherhood knights in Recon Armor came over the rise in the blimp, towards him.

        Loading editor
    • The hot black smoke bellowed from the side, obviously he had done some damage, but he wasn't done yet.

      Will pulled his pistol from his holster and cocked the hammer back.

      Let's get to work.

      The former secret agent ran forward to the nose away from the oncoming guards , even as he felt it harder to keep straight until he started sliding. He had been correct in remember a little platform there on which he landed with a clunk. The metal grate walkway led to a bulkhead door of sorts. Which he opened carefully, letting himself sneak in.


      Once inside it was a lot less windy. But the chaos he had wrought was apparent. Brotherhood airmen and women were too focused on extinguishing the flames of the jet.

      "I'm inside now. It's huge. Like a hangar of sorts." He said, remaining in radio contact. 

        Loading editor
    • Pestin didn't waste a moment to off the vertibird before him and so launched his missile towards it.

      "Deborah, lock onto the airship", Ward instructed calmly.

        Loading editor
    • The vertibird tried to pitch down into a nose dive and escape, but the missile to the rear propeller.

      It spun out, going into a death spiral, and twirled towards the ground where it landed in a mushroom cloud of an explosion.

        Loading editor
    • "Okay.... NOW!"

      With that, Duncan and Rick pulled up into the sky. The missiles were left all alone, hurtling towards the opposite vertibird.


      "The hell are you doing?" Tyrus barked at Will through the intercom. "You're in the middle of a god-damn hornets nest alone, are you stupid?"

        Loading editor
    • "I'm not entirely sure myself. But I'm here now." Will hissed at Tyrus, trying to remain quiet.

      He ducked for a second when he heard heavy boots run across a metal grate walkway above him.

      "I can do massive damage from here. But I need to know what I should hit."

        Loading editor
    • "To hell with that!" Tyrus responded. "You got probably a minute to find your way off that ship, Will. The others are almost done cleaning up the vertibirds and we're not gonna wait for you to get killed by the Brotherhood so we can blow it up."

        Loading editor
    • "Fine. I'll do it myself." Will replied angrily after which got up again, ready to deal some damage. 

      He looked around to see what this place looked like (Shills?)

        Loading editor
    • Massive struts held up this section, the frame of the ariship, and he could see a deflated area where the gas bag he had destroyed was.  It had been very large, going a quarter the length of the ship.  However, he'd also damaged the frame, and several Brotherhood scribes were on the seen, standing on a catwalk, trying to make sure the structural damage wasn't assess if the damage was threatening to the integrity of the whole warship.

      He could hear voices above him from where he'd come, as the soldiers tried to figure out where he'd gone.  It wouldn't take them long to decide he'd probably gone this way, as the only other place he could've went was down.

      William had precious little room to walk.  The struts he was on had no railings and were only a three feet across at their widest, and he'd have to navigate around vertical supporting struts as well.  A fall from here meant serious injury and discovery by the Brotherhood.  The strut he was one led him over a the catwalk, which walked the length of the ship, for use by the Brotherhood to maintain the gas bags.

      He'd have to play this carefully, there were enemies everywhere, and they could come out of everyplace.  In fact, this hole was would be swarming with them at this point.

      Ward was locked onto target, finally.  He had three missiles, and no one to stop him from using them.  Pestin couldn't be much further behind.

      Rick and Duncan soared upwards as four nuke and two Vertibirds exploded beneath them.  It was like some kind of crazy Fourth of July celebration.

        Loading editor
    • "Eat dust, pig!" Pestin cheered in triumph as he watched the vertibird plummet to the ground.

      Deaphanie just sighed from where she was sitting in her cockpit and watching the vertibird drop from the sky, knowing that a lot more souls would need to be escorted before this day was over and done with.

      Ward didn't hesitate to pull the trigger; launching two missiles against his intended target, but saved the last one as a precaution.

        Loading editor
    • If he had little space. So would his enemies. Will deftly pushed forward. Meaning, to the back of the ship. He looked down to assess what the brotherhood were doing as he moved.

        Loading editor
    • "Haha!" Rick cried. "Get fried, you mangy shit-eating good-for-nothin' cock-chokin scumbags!"

      "Yeah..." Duncan said, clutching his heart to see if it was still beating. "yeah..."

      "Do it yourse-" Tyrus angrily slammed his fist against the glass. "Goddamn it... Team, hold off. We got a dumbass on board who needs rescuing.

      "Hold off?" Rick responded. "The fuck are we supposed to do? Fly around and wait for Will to do something?"

      "Apparently!" Tyrus said. With that, he spontaneously ejected from his cockpit and pulled the parachute. He was aiming for landing right on the walkway of the massive blimp.

        Loading editor
    • The missile flew home, the first one blowing a hole in the side of the ship, the second igniting the exposed gasbag.  It was like watching flames shoot out of an open furnace, the response was so quick.  The scar in the airship's side here gaped, and continued to burn.

      The whole airship rocked as Ward's missile landed.  William suddenly felt himself became weightless, losing his balance on the strut.

      "This is Elder Scribe Cooper."  He heard a voice over the loudspeaker.  "The rear quadrant needs extinquishing immediately."

      William heard clambering as a Knight, one of the three guards from earlier, dropped down where he'd come from.  He'd been followed.

      Tyrus F-16 dropped out of the air, plummeting towards the ground like a stone.

      As Tyrus drifted towards the ship's belly, where the Vertibirds had launched from, he could see several knights and scribes at work on the deck.  They hadn't noticed him yet, but when they did, he'd be a pretty ripe target.

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    • William nearly fell off the strut, but managed to hold himself on a vertical strut with one arm as his shooting arm and one leg dangled off the platform. As he hang there he noticed the guards climbing towards him.


      He aimed his pistol and fired a shot at the one in front. Hitting him right in the forehead. The gunshot rang across the hull, but due to the hell going down bellow it didn't get heard over there. 

      Will climbed up before he did anything else. Otherwise he'd be a sitting duck. Now he could take cover behind the vertical metal strut. 

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    • It's just a damn shame that they wouldn't notice him until it was too late. Tyrus leaned forward and manuevered the strings on his parachute so that he may descend quicker. Once he was close enough to the catwalk to where he wouldn't hurt himself from falling, he got himself out of the harness midflight and dropped down onto the catwalk. 

      These moves might have seemed ridiculous to some, but given Tyrus's training, this was just a walk in the park.

      He rose up slowly and glanced at all the scribes...

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    • No one made have heard it down below, but the other two guards coming down after the first sure as hell did.

      "There's an intruder!"  One shouted down into the hull.  The shot had given away William's position, and as they jumped down, they took cover behind struts, mirroring William.  "Second quadrant!"

      As for the guy he shot, the body fell off the strut and went plummeting down into the rest of the airship, to be seen and spotted by who knows how many.

      The scribes scattered, but a Knight with a gatling laser in T-60 power armor noticed Tyrus very quickly.  He pointed the weapon at the merc, powering it up.

      Several other Knights on the deck, one with a laser rifle, another with a plasma rifle, and a third with a microbreeder pistol all noticed him at about the same time too.

      On the outside, the airship was smoking, and it'd dropped a little in the sky, but it was still going.

      They were on the highway to the danger zone right now, and needed to get off it fast by destroying this thing.

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    • William popped out of cover, focused as ever. And took a shot at another guard. The bullet ricocheted off the metal causing a racket and kept the soldiers pinned down.

      While that was going on Will started walking back. Keeping his pistol trained on either cover. He was a fast shot, no way they could turn and aim at him in time before he got them. 

      While he backed off he noticed another gas bag had errupted in flames.

      suddenly he realised he still had his all-piercing rounds loaded.

      Quickly he shot at a gas bag on the side that hadn't been hit yet. The bullet ripping through and the friction ignited the ball of fire. This time Will was ready and managed to hold on for any rocky disturbance that might have caused. 

      Above him, on the envelope outside, The heavy knight who was about to take a shot at Tyrus lost his balance due to the explosion.  

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    • SkyrimsShillelagh wrote:

      They were on the highway to the danger zone right now

      "Alright, Pest", said Ward. "Let's just circle around and look for stragglers while the others enter."

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    • Tyrus didn't seem to intimidated by the situation. "Well... how to even these odds..."

      He pulled something out that the Knight couldn't identify. However, when the sniper pulled the pin from it and threw it directly at the man in armor, he knew what it was.

      Tyrus waited for the grenade to go off, calmly pulling out a pistol and waiting. Something seemed off...

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    • (All on purpose, Laz, all on purpose)

      The Knights with the laser rifle, plasma rifle, and microbreeder laser pistol opened fire on Tyrus.

      The Knight in power armor stumbled because of the explosion Will had caused a hundred feet up, unable to mow Tyrus down or kick the grenade away because of it.

      More knights were closing in on William's position.  He'd be surrounded shortly.

      Since William had pulled his pistol off them, his current two assailants returned fire, trying to force him back into cover.

      Everyone but Tim, Duncan, and Rick was still having trouble fighting off their Vertibirds.  Ward and Pestin would be more than enough to balance the scales.

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    • The projectiles never landed. When the grenade went off, a blue light struck down upon Tyrus, and he was gone in a literal flash. The lasers and plasma flew off into the distance.

      Tyrus rematerialized infront of the stumbling knight with another blue flash, and he quickly spun around the stumbling knight and fired 3 shots off into his fusion core. He then quickly dashed off down the catwalk with great speed as he fired off shot after shot towards the knights, all aiming for the head...

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    • Will however couldn't stay here.

      He saw the flames reach higher and higher. Maybe the goons hadn't realised it yet, but this thing wasn't going to land. Not safely anyways. He had to get off and fast.

      As he got shot at and quickly pulled back into cover behind another metal strut he noticed the nose of his his jet sticking out from the flames below as desperate BoS personnel were trying to extinguish the flames, it became apparent to him that the missiles underneath the wings were still in tact. 

      This was it. His jet lay inside the belly of the beast so if all those rockets went off at once. He'd blow the whole joint in one fell swoop rather than with sustained missile fire from outside. 

      As he got surrounded he called Deborah on the comms.

      "Deb? You still there?" Will was unaware that Tyrus had gone after him. 

      The former spy started running across the struts now, keeping his balance like a true martial artist. He could hear bullets whiz past. As he made for a metal ladder down in an open cylinder structure. 

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    • "Of course, William."

      William was throw violently into an upright strut as a laser blast caught him square in the back, scortching his jacket and shirt, and singing the skin beneath.

      "What do you need?"  The A.I's calming voice asked.

      He could see Knights and Paladins in power armor gathering on the catwalk, the two guards still chasing after him.

      Tyrus was nearly knocked off his feet as the power armored knight exploded behind him.

      Only one of the other knights went down, catching a bullet in the back of the head, the other two had whirled around, getting into cover.

      Up by the entrance to the airship's body, another powered armored Knight was making his way down.  The noise from the propellers was loud, but he'd heard the explosion of the grenade over it.

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    • "Ah, hell..." Tyrus murmured, steadying himself. He talked through the intercomms. "Will, if you're still one this thing, get to the catwalk underneath. We need to get the hell off of this ship!"

      Tyrus whipped around and pulled out his sniper rifle, and aimed squarely for the helmet of the knight in armor. If it wouldn't penetrate, it would at least shatter the helmet, and so he fired

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    • Ah! Fucking piece of shit!" He yelled in pain over the radio as he got shot.

      He landed into a strut but with a sheer rush of adrenaline and power managed to push himself off it and down the ladder before he was completely shot to pieces. He did an army-slide down even though his back hurt like hell. 

      "I... need... you to arm my missiles... and blow them up when I give the signal." He groaned. Hoping his cursing from earlier didn't confuse her too much. He couldn't explain, not now. 

      "Ah, hell..." Tyrus murmured, steadying himself. He talked through the intercomms. "Will, if you're still one this thing, get to the catwalk underneath. We need to get the hell off of this ship!"

      Will sighed when he realised that Tyrus was on the airship as well.

      "You hear me, Tyrus?! Get off!"

      As he lowered himself into the gondola area below the blimp. he nearly fell from the ladder. The toxic smoke and the fact he had gotten shot had nearly done him in. 

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    • The bullet riccochetted off the helmet's curved design.  Nothing but a straight shot to one of it's flatter surfaces would do it.

      The Knight leveled it's gatling laser at him, charging it up.

      Tyrus caught a stray laser in the back of the leg as he left himself exposed to the other two knights.

      "Tyrus, you still have you auxilary parachute."  Deborah said, referring to his black backpack, "William does as well.  Once he gets down to you, you can use those to escape.

      "Also, the T-series of power armor relies on hydraulic joints to move.  A shot to the knee would render your target immobile."  The A.I advised.

      "We've got the intruder, sir."  William overhead one of the guard's say into a radio as they closed in on him, hurrying to the ladder William had gone down  "He's not going anywhere."

      Lasers flew past William as he slid down the ladder.  The numbers he was facing were dizzying.

      "Missiles armed."  Deborah's voice came.  "Ready on your signal."

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    • "Thank you," Tyrus said to Deborah. He should have known both of those things.

      You're losing your touch, Tyrus...

      Tyrus fired another shot. This time aiming for the knee joint...

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    • The bolts passing him felt like hot stray breezes from a furnace that blew across his face. Only so much more warm. It made him flinch and stumble back a second. 

      He saw Tyrus dealing with some soldiers out on the catwalks.

      He didn't hesitate and aimed to shoot right through the Knight's air hose from behind. Shredding it from behind.

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    • The sniper round tore through the joint, causing the arm to abruptly drop and hang limply, and the Knight dropped the gatling laser in surprise.

      Tyrus was still being shot at from behind, he'd need to get to cover.

      The two determined guards that had been dogging William from the start were coming down the ladder.  Knights in power armor were making their way towards him, firing off shots to either force Will into cover or keep him from being able to shoot back accurately.

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    • Will took his arm up and shot the vulnerable soldiers coming down up as he did Knights in power armor retaliated and he was forced into cover behind some metal army crates on the deck.

      "Shit, Tyrus! You there?" He yelled over the comms. 

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    • Tim pulled the trigger, and observed as the Vertibird turned into grated cheese.


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    • "Yeah!" Tryus barked back, ducking behind cover and firing back at the remaining knights. "I'm on the catwalk! Can you- Goddamn it!" He spat as a laser shot whizzed past his head. "Can you get down here?"

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    • "I'm trying! But I'm pinned down." Will yelled. He was in the gondola but could see the catwalk behind the knight in the doorway keeping him inside. 

      From Tyrus' perspective he could see a knight in the door, looking away from him, behind the one that was firing at him. He was essentially looking right at William where it not for the living obstacles, trying to kill them in their path.

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    • Things were looking very grim for Tyrus and Will, as their enemies closed in.

      "Ward."  Deborah's voice filled the gunslinger's ear.  "Will and Tyrus are in life-threatening danger.  I have calculated there is a 2.4% chance they will survive the next five minutes without outside intervention."

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    • Will realised he was out of options. 

      except... If he blew the airship up now. The chaos might cause his attackers to be flung off or dazed in some way he could run outside and jump off to try and parachute away. Before the wreck pulls him and Tyrus down with it.

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    • "Alright, what would you have me do?" Ward asked, scratching his stubble.

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    • "Using my infrared satellines and what I know of airship, I can determine the position of hostiles inside.  I will highlight zones on the ship, and you will fire on them with the Vulcan cannon.  The high-caliber rounds will punch through the hull and demolish intertior targets, providing them a window of escape."  Deborah explained.

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    • Ward grunted with approval. "Do it", he said. "As long as it doesn't hit our own."

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    • On Ward's HUD several portions of the ship were lit up for Ward to fire at.  "That such neutralize enough hostiles to improve their chances of survival to a reasonable level."

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    • Will heard what was going to happen on the comms and made himself as small as possible. This was going to get even hairier. 

      The knight had realised Will was pinned down and slowly walked up to his cover, spraying laserfire around the edges as he approached slowly. van de Poorter could feel the heat of the bolts get closer as bits of the metal crates he was hiding behind started to melt away by the constant bombardment of rays. 

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    • "If you're gonna do something, now would be the time!" Tyrus hollered back. He kept poking his head around the corner and shooting the armed knights, and then quickly turning back and putting another round in the joints of the knight in power armor.

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    • Will could feel his strenght waning. The shot from earlier had burned right through the thick jacket and his shirt, badly burning his lower back, making every movement feel like a dagger cutting him. 

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    • Ward did as instructed and fired off his remaining missile towards the target.

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    • The ship rocked, and over the top of his crate, Will could see dozens of Brotherhood members die screaming as an inferno engulfed them.  Those fighting Tyrus were thrown to the ground by the violence of the explosion.  They had their window.

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    • Tyrus steadied himself out on the railing, grabbing and holding as the ship rocked. He glanced over at Will, and motioned for him to get out of there. After all, that was the reason he had hopped on; make sure it wasn't one vs. all on the ground.

      "Come on!" Tyrus barked.

      "Tyrus, hurry it up! I'm gonna start blasting that thing in a few seconds!" Rick called through the comms. "Can't wait any longer here! I ain't got all the gas in the world in this thing!"

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    • William scrambled up, holding his back with the other hand. He stumbled forward into a dash and ran towards Tyrus standing outside on the windy, unstable catwalk as the airship fell apart bit by bit.

      Warm wafts of air from the burning blimp blew passed in short bursts as Will yelled into the comms:

      "Like I said, I've got an ace in the hole. My missiles haven't blown up yet, they're in the middle of the lion's den. It's gonna do some real bad internal damage!"

      He reached Tyrus, holding the man by the lapel as the wind tore past them.


      "Blow them up!" he ordered. getting ready for whatever hell it might cause.

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    • "Roger, William, prep--"  A laser struck him in the helmet, fired from the pistol of one of the floored Knights, and silence followed.  The helmet was dead, the wind whistled in his ears.

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    • Will almost fell forward into Tyrus.

      For a split second he thought he was dead. hit. done for.

      But after he realised he wasn't, he did know one thing, he didn't want to be wearing this helmet anymore, as if it was hit with acid and slowly desolving on him, he struggled to take it off, to free himself from the shot.

      After which he tossed it over the railing, which he used for support as his gaze followed it down the long drop below. He now realised how high up they still were, giving him a cold shiver. He had been disorientated just a moment ago. 

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    • Tyrus quickly dispatched the shooter with his pistol. "Only one way down, Will," Tyrus said. "See you down on the ground,"

      With that, Tyrus hurled himself over the side and found himself in free fall. 

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    • Will was still dazed from the shock he had just suffered. But soon followed. He became wide awake and present when the speed with which he was plummeting towards the earth caught up with him. He had dropped for several seconds now.

      Until he opened his parachute and felt the yank of the chute due to his sudden deceleration. All felt quiet again. He didn't know where to land, all he knew was not to be under the airship and as such steered his kite forward to the best of his abilities, as luck would have it, the wind helped him a bunch.

      He looked up, behind him to see what would become of the blimp.

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    • The airship seemed to ripple, as the air around it was sucked in, like some giant creature was drawing breath within it.  The shockwave hit Will first-- harmless at this distance, but he could feel it pass through him.  Then, about a quarter of the airship, where William's jet had been, simply ceased to be in one giant, blazing, ball of fire.  It didn't make much of a sound that he could hear, only a sort of clap, like the retort of a gun fired in an empty cement room.  The airship was finished.  They'd done it.  Even now, it was steadily dropping towards the ground at an angle.  It'd end up landing in Lake Washington, as Deborah had predicted.

      As for William and Tyrus, they were drifting down to the soft grass of Robert House National park.  It'd take William a few moments to hit the ground, as he'd deployed his parachute prematurely, but Tyrus was still plummeting.

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    • Will had due to his early deployment and the strong winds been blown away from Tyrus. He almost landed in a tree too, when he eventually did.

      His tired legs skated across the dry grass of this old nature resort until he practically slid forward on his ass for a couple more meters after which he finally came to a standstill on the solid ground. He had heard the blast, and even felt it, but now he could properly see it. He turned around, sitting awkwardly upon a hillside with his legs towards the top, and looked up to see an impressive fireball slowly crash down, he did not think about how many lives it took down with it, he was just glad to finally have his body find purchase with solid soil again.

      Van de Poorter fell down on his back. His chute fluttered around on the ground below his head. A wide grin appeared on his grin. He just realized how ridiculous what he had just done was, and how he could've possibly survived. It was probably the closest call he'd ever had. The last time he nearly died was a few weeks ago.

      -A few weeks back-

      William had been trekking for weeks maybe months now. His goal: ‘go west’ and there was not much more to it. After what he did in Second City it was evident he couldn’t stay there without some angry waster looking to settle scores, and they’d have a perfectly valid reason too.

      Even though he had made a little home out there, he was glad to leave it behind, and equally pleased that the strong winters had subsided. Frankly it would probably have been impossible to walk through what once was South Dakota in such a cold climate. Will was a survivalist but not insane. He knew he wouldn’t hold out in such a frigid wasteland. The stories of the few travelers that came from the west were found to be true though: The density of sporadic settlements like you’d see between the East and Midwest was nowhere to be found. As if the Crossroads were a cliff and anything west of it was an abyss of sheer uncharted nothingness. Sure, he’d stumble on some old ghost towns from before the war but they hadn’t even been raided yet as was evident by the abundance of loot still lying around. Another reason for the relatively untouched state of a lot of pre-war landmarks was because there were no clear trading routes yet. People would get from west to Midwest or from the Midwest to the coast in vastly different ways. So the chances that you walked into something which had been untouched for more than two-hundred years was quite high.

      Will had been carving his own path to the west like Columbus did nearly eight centuries ago. Following sundown and occasionally circling around obstacles he couldn’t take on, like packs of ferocious feral animals or radiation hotspots. Yesterday he had come across a bizarre monument in the mountains which he couldn’t tell if it was Pre-war or made by some weird tribe from the hills he was roaming.

      Four large heads, carved in the shapes of the people you’d find on old pre-war money.

      Either way, he was more interested in getting to the coast than anything found in these hills. Once there he’d simply work his way down south, following the trail along the ocean. He had heard a lot of interesting things about the New California Republic from caravaneers but the real reason he went west was because of a city called ‘New Vegas’. Which would allegedly be easier to get to from the coast than to try and cross the desert from the North. Will believed that to be prudent, rather than to try and blindly cross the dry radioactive badlands where he’d never been before or heard little about.  

      New Vegas, if the tales were true, was supposed to be this den of pure vice. Something the former secret agent wouldn’t mind having in his life. He’d rather live it up in copious amounts of booze and carnal pleasure than to have his dick frozen off back there in the Crossroads. Sadly, he was quite unaware of how much further he’d have to go and had to be ever vigilant of the dangers around him or he’d never get there. The tales some Bicoastalers had told him made it clear just how dangerous the trek could be; most of them also missed a limb or an eye somewhere so Will was inclined to believe the warnings.


      Night was about to fall over the ranges as the red sun sailed west. The dry ponderosa pines painted long slim shadows over the old tarmac road which had been partially reclaimed by nature, but even nature had to fight against radiation poisoning. William had been following this road for a few hours now. It was the clearest path westward through this dense mountain forest. Soon he’d have to find some place to sleep. He didn’t have a tent with him so most nights were spend under makeshift nature shelters or the clear night sky, if he was lucky he’d find an old house or something akin to it, provided some horrible insect hadn’t made its home in there. Tonight was turning out to be one for the outdoors when the wastelander suddenly stumbled upon an old town sign.

      ‘Rockerville’ it said with gold painted letters underneath a little town emblem of sorts. Most of it had flaked off though, leaving only the uncolored fonts and lines underneath.

      Below the name there was a little history, detailing it was a town created by the gold rush from the late 19th century. Not that it mattered to Will, he was just glad he had a roof over his head tonight. As he peeked over the sign he could see the forest opening up and a single road town stretched before him. The town was surrounded by the woods and hills like the road it was built on.  The houses didn’t immediately meet the two-lane route crossing through but were separated from it by sand and gravel. There, some old cars and truck wrecks stood parked for all eternity. As William approached he noticed most houses were stores. A drug and ammo store to the left and an old diner and gas station to the right. The place looked deserted at first glance.

      “Perfect.” Will thought as he wandered in. Dust flared up with a little breeze, sifting over the road gracefully and unhindered. That was about the most activity he expected to come from this town tonight.

      The diner’s windows were covered in brown dirt and had turned opaque from two-hundred years of dilapidation. In front of it there were some old worn wooden picnic tables. “Carla’s” an old neon sign with an arrow pointing towards the door read. Will wondered if perhaps he could find some old conserved pre-war food. He could really go for a tinned peach right now actually. Van de Poorter diverted towards the Diner and got close, walking passed the outdoor tables and tried to catch a glance of what was inside by pressing his face nearly against the glass and forming a shield over his eyes with both hands. The evening sun shone right on the windows making the already dirty panes impossible to look through. Will got rid of some of the dirt by sweeping it off and tried looking again. Inside it looked like your standard American Diner, domino-tiled floor, a jukebox,  red and metal rim counter, all of it. But more importantly, he spotted no hidden traps or mechanisms. It was safe to enter.

      The door had a little bell above it that still jingled when customers, or in Will’s case, wastelanders entered. But that was about the only sound that came from the Diner. No Carla was going to walk out from the back to greet new clientele. From now on, this place was self-service and Will hopped over the bar in search for a pantry. This backwater was evidently never hit by the bombs and neither was any place nearby so the chances of finding human remains caught in their final moments seconds before the blast was minimal. No, the residents had probably dropped everything and fled, only for the fallout blowing over from urban areas to take them. The wastelander going through the pantry wasn’t too bothered by that though as he casually tossed aside foodstuffs that had rotten and searched for anything in a tin or other preservative.

      “Ah-hah.” Will happily mused to himself.

      He had found tinned prunes. Not quite a peach but it would have to do. He walked back out and expertly jumped over the counter and onto a bar stool. Once seated he took out his hunting knife and put it down on the lid’s lining and with a strong stab managed to puncture a hole in his prize find. As he peeled the lid off he smelled the faintly acidic yet sweet scent of room-temperature canned prunes. After which he put the lid to his mouth and let the pieces slide down his dry throat, not minding the fact some of the juice stained his blond beard. He got most of the contents in one swig but just as he was about to go for another round he heard something outside. Quickly he put the tin down and wiped his mouth off on his sleeve.


      His ears perked up like a predatory animal. Was that? Music?

      This town was not deserted, to William’s dismay. He had hoped on free accommodation but it seemed he’d have to pay whatever weird hermit trader lived out here. Or he could just kill him… But Will had decided a long time ago he was above that now.

      With a sigh he got up from his seat and walked outside to see where the music came from. Apparently, it came from everywhere. It was an old country-pop track being played on some speaker system that had been installed around town. Who knows what for, but clearly the set-up was pre-war as William noticed one of the old horn speakers attached atop a wooden pole next to the diner with little red, white and blue flags hanging from it.

      Still, there was no person coming out to greet him, there was just Patsy Cline reverberating around town. William wanted to call out for someone but he didn’t trust this. He did not walk back to the middle of the road, instead he decided to remain on this side and walk towards the gas station. Red Rocket, Diesel and Fusion it read across the slanted canopy. Somehow Will thought he’d feel more at ease when he was under the large cover and not ‘in the open’. There was a little convenience store attached which he decided to check out. Perhaps the source of the music came from there. He passed an old Nuka-Cola freezer and ice box when he went inside. A lot of the tools ‘for sale’ where still there and in not too bad of shape. For anyone who was a scavenger or a trader this would be a gold mine, but William preferred to travel light with only the bare necessities at his disposal. But apart from the scrapper’s dream there was nothing else of note here. A little robot mascot keychain caught his attention before a distant but loud bang and an ear shattering clatter disturbed the peace.

      A sniper had taken shot at him. Will quickly ducked and leaped behind the counter. He felt his adrenaline surge and also a sting in his right leg.  He looked down to see a hole through his pants and blood pooling out. He had been shot right through the leg.

      What followed was a cold shiver down his spine and the most guttural of roars. He couldn’t lose his leg. Not now. Survival instincts kicked in but he tried to remain calm. He assessed the damage. It didn’t appear to have hit his bone, but it got bloody close. The bullet had gone clean through. Will even saw the crack in the tile floor where the bullet had found its end. This sniper had a top down view, probably from the roof of a house across the street. The former secret agent reached for his pocket and pulled out a stimpak. With little time to lose and dedication he quickly jabbed the needle above his wound and let the contents hit his bloodstream sterilizing the wound and pumping morphine into his system for good measure. Will almost bit off his tongue as he clamped down his teeth, his hand dropped the pak and started to shake growing slightly numb which he tried to combat by bawling it up in a fist which he shook in a small tantrum, careful not to let any piece of him get out from behind the counter.

      “God fucking piece of shit damnit!” He managed to yell out from the pain. He was slowly composing himself again. That was the first time in a long while he’d been shot. Now breathing heavily through pain and rage he pulled his broomhandle pistol from his chest holster and continued to lean against the counter for a while longer. As he slowed his breathing he could only hear Patsy Cline, still singing her song. To his dismay the stealthboy hadn’t recharged yet so he had to deal with this the old fashioned way.

      He had a general idea of where the sniper was, but he wasn’t sure. Considering he shot him from a vantage point and knew Will wasn’t heavily armed it was safe to assume he hadn’t moved yet.

      The secret agent waited. This counter was in a corner and there was no back door or other escape route. He’d have to go back the way he came to get out of here. What a shit situation he found himself in now. Will had little options until he remembered this gas station convenient store was filled with car parts and DIY tools. He slowly turned back as he tried to not move his leg and opened the little cabinet doors of the counter. Inside was an assortment of little tools, a mousetrap, a rubber hose for diesel transfusion, and bingo! As luck would have it: stick-on rear-view mirrors for those fancy glass dome cars that didn’t have them. With a strained look on his face Will pulled one out, along with a wrench and some duct tape.

      The sniper grinned as he had his sights trained on the counter. Waiting for just a glimpse of his prey to pop out.

      Will had taped the mirror to the wrench and carefully poked it out with an angle so he could see behind cover without exposing a limb. Slowly but surely he got a view of the building right across. It was an old drug store with a false front wall that extended the height of the building, it looked very much like one of those houses from a western. And just at the top of it he could make out a.

      With a loud bang that smothered the music for a brief moment the mirror was shot to pieces and out of his hand. It felt like it was violently torn away by a man much stronger than he was. Will quickly pulled his hand back, just in case he had gotten too close.

      “Fucker…” He muttered as he rubbed his wrist.

      But at least he managed to get a glimpse of where the sniper actually was and if he was not mistaken that rifle was bolt action. So depending on how skilled the shooter was, he had a little time frame in between shots for him to move.

      The sniper laughed as he pulled open the breech to let the used round escape and quickly loaded another one in the chamber. He was obviously enjoying this little hunt, and admired his prey’s smart thinking.

      Will got his pistol ready. He was going to have to provide himself covering fire while he ran for new cover, hoping that his leg would hold out in the process. But first he needed to get the assailant to fire another shot for a window of opportunity to be created.

      The sun had just disappeared down the highest treetops to the west, now only shining dimly through the forest. Soon it would be dark and the game would only get more interesting.

      Will too was aware of the passage of time and he was going to use it to his advantage. He remembered his Thongzi training: “use shadows and night to your advantage.” And he would do just that.

      “Alright then… Let’s see how patient you are.” Will thought to himself as he got as comfortable as he could and waited for the fall of night.


      Night fell. But even then there was no movement in the convenient store. Not for another hour maybe two. Both participants of this shootout where too focused. They hadn’t even noticed Patsy’s record had stopped playing, plunging the town back into an eerie silence. By now, Will could also feel his leg had healed considerably. Running would be possible. He sat in almost complete darkness. Outside there were no lights. Even with adjusted eyes, one couldn’t look as far away as they could during the daytime. The former secret agent carefully pulled off his jacket, making sure he didn’t accidentally stick a hand out of cover, until he had his jacket balled up and in both hands. His pistol lay next to him on the floor. He then got on his feet, squatting down as much he could but ready to spring up at any moment. Will could feel his right leg tingle in protest but he ignored it.

      Here goes.

      He threw his jacket out across the room from a low angle to one of the aisles to his side which immediately elected a response from his sniper who shot at the sudden dark shape that ‘ran’ across the room. William leapt over the counter and ran towards the door, bursted out and took cover behind an old pick-up truck parked outside. His ruse had worked. The sniper had obviously not anticipated the sudden action and his arms had no doubt gotten stiff from sitting in the same position for a few hours. The next couple of shots were all misfires, but close enough for Will to have his blood pumping. A bullet had hit the ground just before his feet during the run and after he got down to cover a rain of car glass trickled down on him in little pieces after the sniper shot the window of the pick-up. Will turned out of cover and shot three rounds with his own pistol. Due to them being 'all-piercing bullets' they pierced the façade of the false wall causing the sniper to retreat his rifle back into cover. After that Will had no second to lose he ran across the street as fast as he could. Due to the adrenaline it almost felt like his body was faster than his legs and it he could topple over any minute but he didn’t. In a few seconds he was leaning against the wall of the drug store his pistol aimed up at the vantage point.

      Silence returned to the arena. William could only hear his breathing and noticed his hand shaking while he was aiming it up. The sniper was most likely gone or perhaps he had already hit him but you couldn’t really take any chances. After a few more fleeting seconds he ran into the store, the costumer bell jingling as he practically bashed the door in. Quickly van de Poorter focused his aim across the room. He was uncertain if he could get on the roof from within the shop or if it was simply a ladder around the back. William assumed he was directly under the gunman now. And then it struck him, the whole room was filled with ancient furniture and cuckoo clocks which, surprisingly, still functioned. Actually the whole room was filled with all manner of finely crafted clocks and dials. All of them quietly ticking away the time. Due to their size differences the mechanisms didn’t all sound the same, nor were the pendulums equally as long so despite all that rigid and tightly wound order there was a lot of audible chaos. Will could swear at least one of them ticked in tandem with his heart rate.

      Were these pre-war or did the lunatic that lived her make them? A question that could be answered perhaps another time as Will carefully made his way around the craftsmanship, to the back door. There were no stairs so he assumed the only way up on the roof was by ladder. The backdoor was white painted timber with six rectangular glass panes neatly stacked in the middle. It too was as meticulously kept as all other woodwork in this building. Will looked through the little windows and tried to notice if someone was waiting around the corner. Perhaps the moment he opened the door he’d have his brains blown out from above. He then noticed a shadow in the reflection that wasn’t there before.

      The gunman was behind him. William didn’t hesitate a single moment, he flung himself to the side so he hid behind the table that happened to be there and he acted not a moment too soon because the next sound he heard was a bullet whizzing past and penetrating the glass he had just been staring out of. He quickly turned around and knew the man that tried to kill him was diagonally across the room from him now. Will sat up  faintly while still lying on his back and aimed through the table legs at his general direction and gave the assailant the same courtesy he had given him. Will wasn’t greedy with his bullets and had fired six rounds, a couple of which hit the man and he stumbled back into a big grandfather clock, backside first into the frail glasswork. As he yelled in pain he upset the delicate balance the ancient article rested on and pushed it back only for it to bounce off the wall and tip over on him. Crashing him under the heavy wooden box.

      Will dropped his weapon to his side. The pain in his leg wasn’t gone yet, but he carefully climbed up again with the help of the table that had saved his life, as he walked around it to see the lifeless body of the sniper under what looked almost like a casket, it was that big.

      Then the clocks all struck ten O’clock exactly and the little cuckoo birds popped out of their wooden nests to tell the time. It was somehow a quite ironic and faintly surreal image.

      William walked over the grandfather clock and sat himself down in an old armchair, pistol still in hand. He rubbed his eyes with the other.

      That was a close one.

      Who knew why this guy did what he did but Will assumed that living out here all alone was the main reason. Van de Poorter wondered if he’d eventually snap just like this man, before he noticed the assailant’s rifle on the floor next to a puddle of blood that was slowly creeping from under the fallen clock.

      “It’s not like he would need it anymore.” Will thought before leaning out of the chair to pick it up.

      Such was life.


      Will sat there, on his parachute, thinking back to when things were simpler when he suddenly felt light-headed and a bit of sleep wouldn't seem like such a bad idea. After that, William nodded off. 

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    • "Yeah! We got 'em!" Tim's disembodied voice rung over the comms.

      "You two alright down there?"

        Loading editor
    • Tyrus pulled the string and glided safely down to the ground with his parachute. "I'm fine..." Tyrus said. "Dunno about Will... Will, you there?"

      Rick, meanwhile was having fun with the unused missiles. "Fuck you!" He spat as he launched one of his missiles at the already crashing blimp. "And fuck you again!" He fired another one.

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    • His fellow parachutist was nowhere to be found near Tyrus Though he must've landed somewhere nearby. 

      Will, on account of being out of it, did not reply to Tyrus' calls. 

        Loading editor
    • "Will... Will, respond!" Tyrus ordered.

      "Fuck you a third time!" Rick spat.

      "Stop wasting the damn missiles!" Tyrus said. 

        Loading editor
    • (Lol Rick xD)

      "William's helmet is damaged, Tyrus, he is incapable of responding."  Deborah said.  "Regardless, on the satellite feed it appears he is lying facedown on the ground.  I do not know if he is alive."

      Above him, Tyrus could whistling noises.  Several heavy objects were dropping towards the ground, fast.

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    • "Oh, dammit.." Tyrus sighed. He looked down towards the trees. He was near, but he grabbed his stings and pulled and manuevered them so that he could avoid the falling debris.

      "Well, what're we gunna do? Are we just gunna leave 'em down there?" Duncan asked.

        Loading editor
    • Will hadn't gone anywhere.

        Loading editor
    • A Knight in power armor whizzed through the air, and slammed into the ground.  The earth shook upon his landing, and he slowly rose to full height, his gaze locked onto Tyrus.  Several more Knights and Paladins followed, all in suits of T-51b armor, and carrying various armaments.  They closed in on where Tyrus was going, and where William hand landed.

      "Duncan, I have picked up squadrons of Vertibirds inbound.  In addition, Brotherhood infantry and armor is advancing beneath them.  They are headed in this direction.  This area will be swarming with hostiles in a a matter of minutes."

      Then, she addressed to all.  "Return the aircraft to base.  I don't think there's anything you guys can do for Will and Tyrus, without putting your own lives in jeopardy."

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    • "Alright..." Duncan sighed.

      "Leaving troops behind," Rick muttered. "Terrible. We'll catch up, Tyrus. Don't get killed out there, soldier."

      Tyrus rolled his eyes as he realized it wasn't debris, but angry Brotherhood troops.

      "Well... this is a nice mess of things..." He said. There wasn't much he could do but float to the ground and put up some kind of fight. He didn't think these knights would be in a mood to surrender.

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    • "Do not worry.  I believe I can do something to assist you, Tyrus."

      The Brotherhood had closed in around William's unconscious body, and one Knight had lifted him up onto his shoulder.  The others were fanning approximately around where Tyrus would land, so that when he did he would be surrounded and have no where to go.

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    • "Okay, Ms. Deborah. I hope that trick up your sleeve is a damn good trick,"

      Tyrus gently touched down, and slowly rose.

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    • Pretty much all the Knights had a gun leveled at Tyrus.  He'd just help destroy their unbeatable war machine, after all.

      One Paladin stepped up to Tyrus.  His armor was scortched, melted in places, and covered in soot.

      "Your weapons and helmet.  Now."  The Paladin's tone implied there would be no debate.

      William dreamt sweet dreams.

      The first two dreams repeat. A third grips William in his sleep and refuses to let go. Nightmares. They aren’t dreams they’re nightmares.

      The boy is sixteen. He understands now why his parents thought him strange. They cannot know what it is like to have a friend like he does, so they try and change him to be like them. The boy knows to pretend now. Pretend to be like everyone else so that they do not learn he is different. His parents are proud of him. He excels at school. He is handsome and makes many friends and brings pretty girls home. His father smiles fondly at him and they joke about the things men joke about. His mother exclaims how big he’s getting and how she thinks he’s growing up too fast. They put off his unusual childhood as an awkward phase. He’s an extraordinarily bright young man, of course his youth was difficult, he was seeing the world differently.

      The boy doesn’t sleep. At nights he visits his friend. So much time with his friend has made it so that he doesn’t need to sleep. The boy grows strong from labor on the farm. He works with a single-minded passion, both at school and at home. He is driven, he is ambitious. His parents wonder what great things he will make of himself. His sister is no longer wary of him and the two get along. The boy likes pretending. People no longer give him strange stares or say what an odd child he is. Now he is the talk of the town and people say that he’d make a good mayor when he grows up.

      The cave’s entrance is still bricked up. That is okay. The boy dug another one. He knew his father used to check the bricks, and did not want him getting suspicious. The boy no longer sits outside the cave. He enters it. The fear is all gone now. He will never be afraid of anything again. His friend and him are one now. Bonded.

      He learns things from his friend, ancient things. His friend is very old, older than god, the boy’s father would say. Except with his friend that is not a joke. The boy dreams about bringing his friend out of the cave. It would be better if everyone had a friend like the boy did.

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    • William groaned in response to this dream. He felt his body lying, or rather, hanging. In an uncomfortable position. What did he do? The explosion. 

      Did he land on a tree branch? That would look stupid and embarrassing. No... He didn't land on a tree branch. Trees don't move. He was moving; he felt it. It made him nauseous too.

      Slowly he opened his eyes, the ground was not where it was supposed to be and his vision was besmirched with black dots appearing everywhere for fleeting seconds.

      He groaned again. Now trying to get up by lifting his hands off the metal plate armor. He failed though.

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    • "Alright, alright..." Tyrus said, dropping his rifle and removing the helmet. "What hurts more, the burning blimp or the fact you couldn't take down a few idiots who stumbled upon a few jets?" He asked.

        Loading editor
    • Tyrus' answer was a metal-gauntlet backhanding him across the face, the strength of the blow nearly knocking him off his feet.

      "Just fucking tear his head off!"  One Knight shouted.

      Someone kneed him in the spine, sending pain shooting up his back.  "My wife was on that 'blimp' you smug piece of shit!"

      He heard someone winding up to punch, hydraulics grinding, but the Paladin reached out and stopped the blow.  "No.  Not like this."

      "You hit him first!"

      "I did.  But he deserves worse.  Don't waste this opportunity."

      The soot-covered, worn out knights fanned out, giving the some space, and the Paladin turned back to Tyrus.  His helmet betrayed no emotions.

      "You understand how this is going to end, right?"  He asked Tyrus.  The Knight carrying Will approaching from behind.

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    • "Just fucking tear his head off!"  One Knight shouted.

      Someone kneed him in the spine, sending pain shooting up his back.  "My wife was on that 'blimp' you smug piece of shit!"

      Despite the pain shooting up his back, Tyrus managed to laugh through gritted teeth. "Welcome to the wasteland, sweetheart."

      He heard someone winding up to punch, hydraulics grinding, but the Paladin reached out and stopped the blow.  "No.  Not like this."

      "You hit him first!"

      "I did.  But he deserves worse.  Don't waste this opportunity."

      The soot-covered, worn out knights fanned out, giving the some space, and the Paladin turned back to Tyrus.  His helmet betrayed no emotions.

      "You understand how this is going to end, right?"  He asked Tyrus.  The Knight carrying Will approaching from behind.

      "Please, enlighten me," Tyrus rose back up to his feet. 

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    • The Paladin seemed confused by that.

      "We're going to kill you."  He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

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    • "Oh, is that all?" Tyrus said, disappointed. "I brought down... your entire base, and killed all your friends, and you're just going to... pop me in the head, like a random scavver?"

      He chuckled. "You have one lousy-ass imagination."

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    • As William lay slung over the shoulder he heard what they were going to do. He decided to keep limp for now though, pretending to be out of it still.

        Loading editor
    • "I'm plenty imaginative, as you're about to find out."  He looked past Tyrus, and nodded to the Knight.  A massive palm prodded Tyrus roughly in the back, forcing him forwards along the grass.  The circle of Knights broke, to reveal a pair of Knights setting several things into place.  A large boulder, to act as a table, and then two tree stumps sitting opposite each other.

      William was unceremoniously dumped on one of the empty stumps after having his gear removed.  The Paladin pointed to the other.

      "Sit."  He instructed Tyrus.  The Knight prodded Tyrus in the back again, for effect.

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    • Tyrus chuckled and sat on the log. He didn't let the knights see he was concerned about escaping. That'd give them an advantage. He kept that little nugget of worry surpressed.

      "This is new..."

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    • "We're going to play a game."  The Paladin said.  A Knight stepped forward, and handed the Paladin a pistol-- a .44 magnum to be percise.

      "Either of you boys heard of 'Russian Roulette?'"

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    • "I know the game," Tyrus said, folding his arms. He seemed pretty unimpressed with the Paladin's decision. But then again, he was never really impressed. 

        Loading editor
    • William groaned in pain as he was dropped on the stump with his back. The pain of the wound surged through him making him retract. 

      "Either of you boys heard of 'Russian Roulette?'"

      Will turned to give the Paladin a death glare with his bloodshot eyes. That was his reply. 

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    • Ward straightened out the joints in his hands after having watched the airship come crashing down like a living inferno.

      "Take us back, Deborah. They might need ground personnel... with big fucking guns." 

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    • "Roger that."  Deborah said.  The jets soared, turning in the air, leaving streaking jet streams behind them, and were heading back towards Fort Lawton.

      "I'm getting an incoming message from someone called 'Abel' across all frequencies.  I think he wants to talk to you guys."

      The Paladin swung the cylinder open, and popped out all the shells but one.  He then slapped a hand down the cylinder, sending it spinning, and then snapped the cylinder closed again.  It spun in place for a moment, before coming to a rest. The .44 magnum had five chambers empty, and one with a live round in it, and which chamber the round was in was anyone's guess.

      "Here's how it's going to go.  I'm going to set this down on the table.  The smartass," he gestured to Tyrus, "is going to go first.  You're going to go back and forth until one gets your head blown off.  The other gets to live, for a little while at least."

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    • Will puffed. He got as comfortable as he could, sprawled out on the tree stump. He sat up slightly. Biting away some of the pain in his back.

      He didn't want to play these games. And looked evidently fed up and unwilling to cooperate.

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    • "Oh, what? You're not gonna play?" Tyrus frowned, then smirked. "Our bold heroes, huh?"


      "Put 'em on. Or tell 'em we fucked that blimp into the next century," Rick said. "Doesn't matter."

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    • "What's the point?" Will groaned. Lifting his eyebrows up as got up properly, stumbling slightly as he went. 

      "If we're gonna die, I won't do it to someone else's tune." The former secret agent spat. 

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    • "Abel?" Tim repeated. "What does he want?"

      (Is this someone new or am I just an idiot)

        Loading editor
    • (He's the leader of the Cause, kiddo)

      "Oh, what? You're not gonna play?" Tyrus frowned, then smirked. "Our bold heroes, huh?"

      "The point isn't to test your bravery, it's to kill you.  I have no desire to die."  The Paladin replied, not the least bit provked by Tyrus' taunts.

      "What's the point?" Will groaned. Lifting his eyebrows up as got up properly, stumbling slightly as he went.  "If we're gonna die, I won't do it to someone else's tune." The former secret agent spat.

      "Would you rather I just shoot you in the head?"  The Paladin asked indifferently, pulling his laser pistol from his hip and leveling it at William.  It didn't matter so much to him, but he thought the two people who destroyed an airship deserved a little more ceremonious of a death, as Tyrus had pointed out.

      "This is Abel.  Can the pilots who shot down the airship read me?  Am I am being heard?"  Abel's voice came out of the radio as Deborah patched him through.

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    • (editted Abel)

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    • "Loud and clear," Tim responded.

      "There's a number of survivors though, everything alright on your end?"

        Loading editor
    • Will didn't believe in ceremony. He had been celebrated all his career in the Thongzi, he saw through the hollow medals and appreciation for causes. He didn't care about how he was going to die.

      He conceded though. Leaving it up to Tyrus.

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    • "Hey, lad," Duncan greeted. "We, eh... found the air defense weapons at the fort."

      "And we sent those kids straight to hell!" Rick wheezed and laughed. "You should'a seen it! Nothing like a bunch'a jacked-up brainwashed commie-lookin asswipes burning and falling to the ground!" 

        Loading editor
    • Tyrus rolled his eyes. "Alright...."

      Deborah, you better hurry your little trick up...

      Tyrus grabbed the gun and held it up so that he may get a better look at it. "You know, this isn't gonna change anything. You'll have your revenge now, and then the Cause'll come for your heads. Or Rick," Tyrus seemed amused at that idea. "God help you if it's Rick who shows up at your doorstep..."

        Loading editor
    • Will too grinned at the thought, having seen the ghoul in action. It probably annoyed the knights they didn't know who the two captives were smirking about.

        Loading editor
    • "I'm waiting."  The Paladin said, patiently, seeing they were stalling.  "Who was making me about being bold earlier?"

        Loading editor
    • Will sighed and grasped for the revolver. 

        Loading editor
    • There were multiple cheers from the Cause's end of the line as Tim said 'loud and clear.'  While it hadn't been a big deal for him, the Causers had probably been on the edges of their seats, and Tim had said just about the coolest and most reassuring thing he could've.

      "We're doing fine, son, you all did great work out there."  Abel called through over the cheering.  "I'm getting reports in on Brotherhood infantry approaching the city from all sides, and the Red Hand is engaging them.  The fight's on the ground now, and that's a fight we could win."

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    • "You want us to help out?" Rick asked. "I could walk down there and kill a few more of these fuckin' crusaders."

      Will could not grasp for the revolver, for it was currently in Tyrus's hand.

      "Yeah, well you're not facing certain death. You're standing over two unarmed men and forcing them to kill themselves," Tyrus said. "By the way, I hopped into a jet and blew up your entire military assault. I've got more boldness in my right eye then you do in your whole body, bub."

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    • "Either put that gun to your head and pull the trigger, or I'm killing you right now."  The Paladin said flatly, leveling his laser pistol at Tyrus.

      The other Knights were watching with varying degrees of interest.  Someone appeared to have taken bets on which chamber the bullet was in and who would die first.

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    • DB Baxter wrote:
      "You want us to help out?" Rick asked. "I could walk down there and kill a few more of these fuckin' crusaders."

      "I don't have the forces to stage an assault, instead we're mounting a defense.  The Brotherhood still has us outgunned, and we can only guess their numbers."

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    • "Fine," Tyrus said, putting the gun to his head and hoping that Deborah would hold up to her end of the bargain. When he had no time left, he simply pulled the trigger, keeping his unimpressed glare, and...

      "Bah... Fine," Rick said. "They're probably scared shitless. We just dropped their biggest war machine without breakin'a sweat."

        Loading editor
    • The gun clicked as the cylinder rolled, the hammer closed on an empty chamber.  Tyrus was still alive.

      The Paladin lowered his pistol slightly, sated for the moment.  He nodded for it to be passed to William.

        Loading editor
    • Tyrus breathed a sigh of relief. "Alright, Will..." He tossed the gun across the table. "Don't die."

        Loading editor
    • "I can't make any guarantees" he sighed. then he looked at the gun for a second. After which he spun the cylinder again. Not that it increased chances but at least it gave him the illusion that it was by his own undoing if he got shot.

      It clicked again.

      Will looked at Tyrus with his cold untelling blue eyes when he put the gun to his temple and pulled the trigger and...

        Loading editor
    • The cylinder harmlessly rolled.  William had not killed himself.

      "Again."  The Paladin said, nodding for it to be returned to Tyrus.

      "Paladin."  A Knight called, coming over.  "We're having some malfunctions.  Laser weapons aren't firing properly."

      The Paladin frowned.  "How so?"

      "Beams won't go straight.  Someone even shot themselves in the foot."

      "What else?"

      "The armor's HUDs are giving us false readings.  Saying fusion cores are depleted when they're not."

      The Paladin considered him for a moment, not taking his eyes from the pair of Outsiders however, and then nodded.  "Get everyone out their armor then, have them line them over there.  Power down any malfunctioning laser weapons.  Both were probably damaged by the fire or the fall.  Reinforcements should only be a few minutes out, we'll resupply then."

      The Knight and left, to spread the word to his comrades.  Around them, the Knights who had laser weapons tossed them aside, and everyone was parking their armor in a neat line, but there were still plenty of gauss rifles and plasma weapons here, and the Knight never broke formation.  They were seeing this through.

      "Again."  The Paladin ordered them seeing his word hadn't been done, once he'd exited his own armor, although he'd left his nearby.

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    • (Recap?)

        Loading editor
    • Will offered Tyrus the revolver again while his eyes combed out the area for perhaps a possible escape. The soldiers were most certainly a lot more killable now. 

      He saw his gear sprawled out on a rock to his right. He probably couldn't get there in time before being turned into goo though. 

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    • (For us, nothing new. Abel from the Cause asked if we made it, and updated us on the Brotherhood situation (they are attacking in force but the Hand is engaging them). Will and Tyrus are doing Russian roulette on demand of their captors.)

        Loading editor
    • "What's our next step?" Tim radioed back.

        Loading editor
    • "I'll let you know when you get back to the headquarters.  I don't think it's safe to say on open channels like this."  Abel replied.

        Loading editor
    • "Copy, we're on the way," Tim said, and shut off the comms.

      "Well, we'd better be off then, right?"

        Loading editor
    • "We will be arriving shortly."  Deborah said, then paused.  "Uh-oh.  There appears to be someone scrambling my connection to you.  Curiously, they are using a highly encrypted signal protected by multiple firewalls.  My attempts to breach have been rebuffed.  This is not good."

        Loading editor
    • Tyrus grabbed the gun. A few minutes, the paladin had said. He and will had a few minutes before everything was up and running again. So that meant a few minutes for him and Will to dispatch them.

      He glanced over at will, then quickly to the weapons, then to the paladin, and then back to Will, all while spinning the barrell and putting the gun slowly to his head. It seemed like he was trying to indicate something to Will. 

        Loading editor
    • Will's eyes did the same routine. He seemed to get what Tyrus was suggesting. It was risky. Stupid even. But it was probably the best chance they had. 

      He nodded almost without doing so. Showcasing to the other wastelander that he was ready when he was. 

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    • "Paladin this one error message keeps popping up on the armors' HUD."  A Knight who was working on trying to get the armor's fixed said.

      Paladin motioned for the man to say it, whilst looking at Tyrus expectantly.

      "'Wait until you have the last shot.'"  The Knight quoted.

      "I don't know what that means."  The Paladin told him.

      The Knight frowned speculatively.  "Sounds like it has something to do with a firearm.  I'll try to see where it's coming from."

      "Paladin, that dickhead is stalling!"  One of the onlooking knights called, pointing at Tyrus.  The Paladin looked down at the dickhead in question.

      "What are you waiting for?"

        Loading editor
    • Last Shot... 2 shots already... 3 clicks from now is the last shot...

      Tyrus shook his head quickly at Will, knowing what Deborah was saying. He put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger...

        Loading editor
    • The revolver clicked, the chamber empty.

      "Twice.  You're a lucky man.  Let's see if that luck hold up or your friend."

        Loading editor
    • Tyrus slid the gun down to Will. He put his hand in his palm to watch, with 2 fingers on the side of his head. He tapped them on his cheek

        Loading editor
    • Will sighed. This time he hesitated a while. Last time he saw this played one of the players was dead by now. 

      He hoped it wouldn't be a repeat, and pulled the trigger...

        Loading editor
    • The revolver clicked.  Two chambers left.  One of them was empty, one of them carried a lethal.  There was a fifty percent chance the next shot would be deadly.

      "Hand it back."  The Paladin said.

        Loading editor
    • Will did so. 

        Loading editor
    • Tyrus gazed at the gun. And without hesitation, he put it to his head and pulled the trigger...

        Loading editor
    • Before Tyrus pulled the trigger, however, maybe he thought "hey, there's probably a loaded round in this chamber, I should be careful."  Because really, there was a good to fair chance this chamber had the bullet in it, and he might've been about to kill himself in a very gruesome fashion.

        Loading editor
    • Tyrus had this thought occur to him at the last possible moment. A thought that probably just saved his life. If 'you' was referring to him, this was the last shot...

      "You know, Paladin..." Tyrus smirked, giving a nod to Will and looking to see if there was a soldier near him with a rifle. To the Paladin, it looked like he was just taking his last moments. "You know what the funny thing is about luck?"

        Loading editor
    • "Not really, hurry up."  The Paladin answered, disinterested.

        Loading editor
    • "It's not infinite," Tyrus said. He spotted one close by, and grinned. "It's kinda like a meter. And yours... Yours just ran out."

      Tryus, with insane speed, pulled the gun up and shot the live round at the knight. Once the bullet had passed through his skull, Tyrus would jump up and run towards the plasma rifle, picking it up and then proceeding to backtrack towards their weapons while he fired off plasma shots to cover himself and Will.

      "Get the guns!" He barked at Will. 

        Loading editor
    • Will had been lying in wait for a while now and had already started running the moment Tyrus raised himself.

      He was quick to reach the stone upon which his gear was sprawled out, sliding across the grass to it almost. He got his pistol first and fired it at the nearby soldier before he could do anything to react to this sudden development. He picked up all he could get. Including his stealthboy. 

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    • The Knight scattered, diving to the ground to avoid gunfire, but Tyrus' distraction wore off quick. Some knights used the immobile armor as cover, or lay prone and took at aim at the pair as plasma fire zippd by overhead.

      But then, abruptly, streams of laser tore into the camp, firing from a gatling laser.  Several knights were severed in half by the surprise attack, and this gatling laser must've been some beast because the lasers hit with percision unseen from a gatling laser.  The Knights were no longer focusing on Tyrus and Will, they were trying to get to their armor, determine who was shooting, or hide from the sudden onslaught.

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    • Will beckoned for Tyrus to not bother looking what had just saved their asses, there was a treeline nearby and they'd have more chance surviving there then here in the open. 

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    • Tyrus nodded, grabbing his weapons, that being a pistol and his trusted Sniper Rifle, and made a beeline for the treeline (tee-hee, it rhymes). He fired off a few more shots before just turning ahead and running.

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    • Will got there first, sliding down into cover waiting for Tyrus but ready to get moving if they were chased. 

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    • (Don't really know what to do. Should I just have my characters land and then wait until things clear up?)

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    • Tyrus slid down into cover before quickly propping his head up, eye placed firmly at the end of the enhanced scope of his rifle. Anyone who wasn't dead yet from the barrage of gatling fire was eradicated with extreme precision from the sniper. It seemed like he just locked on to his targets, popping to the left and to the right automatically and dropping the enemy quickly.

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    • Will decided to spare his pistol ammo, Tyrus seemed to have it all in hand anyways. 

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    • Lazarus Grimm wrote:
      (Don't really know what to do. Should I just have my characters land and then wait until things clear up?)

      (same tbh)

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    • (I posted a little while ago, fellas, you may ahve missed it.

      "We will be arriving shortly."  Deborah said, then paused.  "Uh-oh.  There appears to be someone scrambling my connection to you.  Curiously, they are using a highly encrypted signal protected by multiple firewalls.  My attempts to breach have been rebuffed.  This is not good."

      If you want to ignore this though, yeah, you can jsut go back to the base.  Like I have  things to throw at you guys, I'm not sidelining you)

      "Hey!"  Someone snapped at them.  It was, perhaps surprisingly, the guest from the Mercer Island-- Tanner.

      He was standing over a deceased Knight, and holding a gatling laser, which he tossed aside.

      "Either of you know how to run?"  He asked derisively, and then took off himself, motioning for them to join him in a mad dash through the trees.

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    • Will groaned as he got back up, pistol still in hand. 

      He then chased after Tanner, hoping he knew where he was going. 

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    • Tryus followed after Tanner, occasionally glancing back and firing off a shot if he saw anyone gaining on him. 

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    • "Where's your friend?"  Tanner asked, slowing down as they broke into the woods, seeming confused, like he expected their would be a third person with them.

      There was something off about how Tanner had been close enough to get them.  Hadn't the lasers been coming from further away?

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    • "What friend?" Will asked puzzled, keeping the slight oddities for later. 

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    • "Who are you talkin' about?" Tyrus asked.

      "What does that mean?" Rick asked. "You don't know who's cutting you off?"

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    • "The woman, friendly but nervous sounding.  She called me through a payphone somehow.  I was in the city, and this phone must've had power or something because it started ringing.  I picked it up and she told me to come here."

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    • "Oh, her." Will realised he was talking about Deborah. 

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    • DB Baxter wrote:

      "What does that mean?" Rick asked. "You don't know who's cutting you off?"

      "It's coming from a building across the city.  I am about to lose connection from the jets, on which instance they will fall out of the sky and send you plummeting to horrible firey deaths."

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    • "She's safe," Tyrus said, not wanting to get into the exact details of who Deborah was. 

      He glanced back through the trees. "We've got a long way to go now..."

      "Which buildin'?" Duncan asked hastily. 

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    • Will started faintly laughing as they ran.

      "I don't believe I've ever dicked the Brotherhood this hard before."

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    • "About a few hours walk into the city."  Tanner said.  "It'll be dark by the time we get there."

      "I don't believe I've ever dicked the Brotherhood this hard before."  Will said.

      Tanner scratched his head.  "I might've cause this Brotherhood war.  I killed the Elder before Brosch, he was Elder Johnson or Jameson or something, and he was an idiot.  He never could've pulled off an attack like this.  Brosch seems like a different breed entirely."

      "I am not certain, I can only get it within a few blocks radius.  I am about to lose the feed in a moments, I recommend an ejection."

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    • "I have," Tyrus said. "They're not very bright. Very easy to put them down."

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    • "By the way. Why did you follow me onto that airship? I had it under control!" Will suddenly chided Tyrus. 

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    • "You were pinned down in the middle of a burning hornets nest with every laser rifle on that ship aimed on you or getting ready to be aimed at you," Tyrus said. "You didn't have anything under control."

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    • "I improvised!" Will spat in reply.

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    • "I improvised too," Tyrus said, not raising his voice. "And now we're both alive."

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    • "I suppose that's fair." the wastelander replied, seemingly done with it.

      "Still didn't need your help though..."

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    • "Whatever lets you sleep at night," Tyrus shrugged.

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    • Will took that as a sign this conversation was over and simply remained silent. Until he turned his head to Tanner and asked him:

      "Where are you taking us? You got a getaway vehicle?"

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    • "The road into the city is this way.  That's where you two want to head, right?"

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    • "Euh. yeah..." Will nodded. That was generally the way to Fort Lawton. 

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    • "Think you can autopilot for a while?" asked Famian from his plane, followed by a short cough. "Also, is there an output terminal available in here? I think I could try to counter this breach."

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    • "The F-16 contains no terminal.  However, it's navigation console has a satellite uplink and could be possibly used to that extent, and the buttons on the station in front of you could be used as an impromptu keyboard.  I am capable of rewiring the system for you myself, however, this will remove much of the jet's functionality.  Also, notice, I may lose connection at any moment."  Deborah explained.

      "You get any closer to that Kheiro guy?"  Tanner asked.  "The King tell you anything you can use?"

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    • "Nope." Will admitted. 

      "And you? Did you finish of Hades yet?" van de Poorter then asked, but he could guess the answer.

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    • "Haven't even gotten close.  I did find something at one of the places he's been though.  Soldiers milling around in brown uniforms.  They wore this symbol."  Tanner said, producing a swatch of cloth, torn from a sleeve.  It was the delta symbol of Kheiro's Hundred-Hands.

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    • "That's them." Will revealed. After which he clarified:

      "Kheiro's men."

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