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  • Psychomantis108

    I found this in my hard drive, from bloody years ago. I think I wrote this, whilst at University but it's the original prologue for 'Australia' which was my first incarnation of Brothers in Binds. It was going to be a multi part chapter, like Iconoclash or Peace and Future Cannon Fodder but I decided to make it an RP instead.

    So... Behold! The BiB that never was!


    The Mile-High City, Denver, is ironically at its lowest point in recorded history, the city belongs to the dead now and the feral hounds that roam the streets, hunting down and devouring anyone brave or foolish enough to wander them. The vast abundance of wild dogs has made the place inhospitable and though the NCR and Legion have had their eye on it for some time, neither of th…

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  • Psychomantis108

    Hey everyone!

    I started writing a Fallout story, nearly two years ago now, on (I wanted feedback m'kay?). Anyway, since I can't post the story here (without being labelled as a plagiarist and I can't really switch sites, now that I'm halfway through (that and I'm pretty optimistic that Fallout 4 will bring in some more vocal readers) I'm going to post links to the parts as I complete another chapter.

    This story continues on From Fallout: New York, for those wondering what Hamilton did, once he returned home. :P (Link to chapter 1 for noobs)

    So, after nearly a year, I finally finished part 9! (Latest Chapter)

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