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    So I decided to just post this first into Fallout: Prophecy since it fit well there to give Tanner more backstory, but this story originally belonged here, so I'm posting it for completion.

    Ten years ago, a month after the events of Fallout: New York “World’s Fair”

    Tanner sat on the hill-side, away from their camp.   Traveling west with Clyde, Alexander, and Kriegz was interesting, to say the least.  The ghoul and his sidekick were just heading west in general, but Kriegz was going to break off to head north to Minnesota soon.  Tanner didn’t know what to make of their ragtag bunch.  Most of the time was spent arguing, with Tanner just ducking his head against bickering, and when they weren’t arguing they were making rude comments.

    And then there wa…

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    Little update.  I have a few Fallout blogs I'm going to do coming up.  Firstly, the third part of this one is going to cover exactly why Tanner now hates and is hunting Hades/The Boss.  Then, since I left Aloha Islands, I'm going to do a blog about Randall getting trapped there and escaping-- the time it happens is going to be before Brothers in Binds.  Thirdly, I'm going to a blog series based on the Courier.

    That's all, thanks for reading.

    Spring of 2286, three months before the events of Fallout: Prophecy.

    The two Brotherhood knights looked down at the man in front of them, as if unsure what to do.

    Tanner didn’t know why.  His request had been pretty simple.

    “You’re a Knight from the other Midwest chapter.”  One knight repeated, his voice louder…

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh

    2279, 3 Years since the Re-opening of the New York World’s Fair and the defeat of Clive.

    Tanner held the small, fluttering piece of paper pinched between two fingers. The wind whipped and tore at the paper, but he held firm. The picture was wrong.

    He’d tried at least two dozen times to draw it right, to reproduce the image that was in his head. Tanner’d give anything for a photograph, but nothing like that had been available to him. He had nothing to remind him of her, nothing to remember her by. So he tried, poorly, to reconstruct her image.

    It was a boy’s face. Inaccurate of course, as he had never seen the child’s face. He drew the features different every time, picturing all the different combinations the child could be.  But it was nothin…

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    The Cause (Part 2)

    February 20, 2016 by SkyrimsShillelagh


    The rail car clicked over the tracks.

    Thunk-thunk.  Thunk-thunk.

    Cable groaned, stirring inside.

    Thunk-thunk.  Thunk-thunk.

    Cable tried to sit up, and two things happened.  One, his head immediately protested in agony.  Secondly, he hit his aching head on the lid of the sealed rail car.  With another pained moan he dropped back down to the cart’s floor.  He tentatively touched his cheek and hissed at the flare of pain it brought.  The bone was broken for sure, and by the puffy soreness beneath his fingers, it was probably swollen to the size of an apple.  He couldn’t see his own hand in front of his face- the cart was pitch black.  It was also cramped, his knees were almost into his chest. 

    Anger replaced pain and fear, and he kicked the lid of the ca…

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  • SkyrimsShillelagh


    Cable frowned, and stayed prone on his hill top.  He peered through the binoculars, trying to figure out just what exactly he was looking at.

    Your own death is what you’re looking at.

    He thought, realizing he’d zoomed in too far.  When the binoculars refocused, he was staring at a rather sizable radscorpion in the valley below.  It hadn't seemed to notice him yet, but he doubted that would last long.  Couldn't they sniff the air or something?

    His spear lay on the ground next to him, his meager belongings tied to its head, just below the blade.  He reached to his waist and pulled one of his two 10mm pistols free.  The pistol’s sights got caught on the leather and the metal scraped the dirt as he jerked it free.  The scorpion perked up.

    Idiot!  He cu…

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